Have you met Dan Teare?

We sat down with Dan to discuss his storied experience in the FM sector, how businesses offering IoT are going to succeed and his favourite film series...

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Everything you need to know about field service...

What is field service management? 

Field Service Management (FSM) is the process of organising and improving operations done outside of your business and in the proverbial field. 

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Have you met Chris Chinnapan?

Our Transport Sector Director, Chris has been dedicated for more than a decade to providing software in the transport industry.

He's also quite nice, so check out his interview to find out his views on the changing tracks of transport and why it's so important that we all improve our data management.

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What’s next for Total Facilities Management?

Years of uncertainty driven by COVID, climate change and the more recent economic downturn, have forced many changes to the facilities management (FM) industry.

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4 Tips for finding the perfect FM partnership

In our final blog on Total Facilities Management, we’re going to share our 4 best tips for businesses looking for a new Facilities Management partner.

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Is Total Facilities Management the right fit for...

Total Facilities Management (TFM): a comprehensive, all-in-one facilities contract, has long been seen as the best choice for most businesses looking to outsource their whole FM provision.

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Is Total Facilities Management the only solution?

Total Facilities Management (TFM) has long been the choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive service that reduces management complexity and may even shrink costs. 

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Meet the Team – Kerry-Anne Nissim

We sat down with Kerry-Anne to discuss what being a business analyst entails, why it plays such a critical role in the success of implementation, and why helping our customers is so satisfying. 

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Meet the Team - George Budden

We sit down with Tier 1 Support Analyst George Budden to discuss his role in supporting customers, and why mpro5's service and support stands out from your typical SaaS offering...

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Meet the Team - Rob Stevens

We sat down with Tier 2 Support and Configuration Analyst Rob Stevens, to discuss all things support, what makes us different from an average SaaS company and why he enjoys working at mpro5...

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Digitisation vs digitalisation

They might sound similar, but the difference between digitisation and digitalisation is critical to understanding the impact of digital transformation, and why it’s such a high priority for most companies. 

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