14 Feb 2023

Have you met Chris Chinnapan?


Our Transport Sector Director, Chris has been dedicated for more than a decade to providing software in the transport industry.

He's also quite nice, so check out his interview to find out his views on the changing tracks of transport and why it's so important that we all improve our data management.


Hi Chris, could you start by telling us what your role at mpro5 is? 

Hello, I’m the Transport Sector Director. 


And what was your background before joining the team? 

I’ve been in the transport sector for 11 years now. I started off as a software engineer, working with WiFi technologies for bus, tram and rail, before moving into the commercial side of the business.  

It’s given me an appreciation of the challenges and intricacies of digitalisation in transport – particularly as the sector tries to improve its operational processes and the passenger experience. 


Over that time, have you seen the transport industry’s relationship with tech change? 

In rail and bus, the move towards digitalisation was very gradual, until the pandemic hit. The cost pressures of that situation and accelerated government reforms have made this more important than ever to Passenger Operators (POs).  

The POs are using technology like mpro5 to join up as many of their disparate legacy systems as they can, to create digital twins that give them full visibility of operations. It’s all about driving efficiency and improving the passenger experience. 


What does a typical day look like for you at mpro5? 

Bringing new business opportunities to the group within the transport sector, working with channel partners as well as direct connections in the industry. I also nurture our existing accounts, making sure they are getting what they want, and growing our solution across their business. 


Digitalisation can often change companies quite radically – would you say that’s true in Rail? 

Absolutely. Particularly within large groups, you’ve got departments that are isolated from each other, with their own objectives, budgets and needs. Our solution can connect departments as well as processes, and that’s where a lot of the value comes from. 

It’s a twofold change in a company’s way of thinking, first you digitise a process, which is certainly more convenient than doing it on paper, but there’s a second component: what are you going to do with this data? 

It’s the application of the data you get out of this new digital process that brings the most value, and the biggest changes in company thinking. 


Finally, what’s your favourite film? 

That’s a hard one, but I’m going to go with The Goonies - who wouldn’t want to find a treasure map in the loft and go on an adventure? 


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