Robot of the Month

Robot of the Month

So, it’s a new month and we have another exciting robot to show you. This delivery robot is dropping off snacks around campuses and cities.

Carrying the futuristic name of Starship, this little guy takes food orders from restaurants and cafes and delivers them straight to your door. Because the robot is electronically powered it provides an efficient and eco friendly way for local businesses to deliver food.

For you techies out there, the way the Starship knows when to cross the road and how to navigate paths through machine learning. What this means is that the robot can learn from each situation that it is put into and react to that in the next situation. One of the most interesting things is that the machine has to learn from spotting people in reflections and realise that they are not in fact real people!

But how do I know no one steals my medium Big Mac meal with fries and a diet coke I hear you ask? Luckily  the robot remains locked until the person that ordered the food opens it with the app. Phew! Each robot is fitted with GPS, so it is easy to track and know how far away your food is. They are  also able to navigate treacherous conditions. The starship robots were able to operate in snowstorm Emma in the UK. Impressive.

So, what do we at mpro5 find so exciting about Roger? (we decided to name it). This is a big step forward for fully tracked and monitored logistics.

At mpro5 we are pretty good at helping out with logistics too. We help deliver 1.4 million copies of The Metro and 70,000 Brennans bakery products daily! Deliveries are more efficient, better documented and easily managed with mpro5.