Job Management, Compliance and Scheduling Software

What is Job Management Software?

Think of Jobs as tasks and work orders performed by your staff out in the field.

Workers could be cleaning a spillage, fixing a sign, patrolling a building or risk assessing a train station and mpro5 allows them to carry out and record their work with ease. Jobs can be ad-hoc, recurring or reactive, creating a smart workforce.


An office can schedule Jobs for field staff using an intuitive web-based planner, or mpro5 can automatically trigger jobs based on certain conditions such as failed audits. Mobile workflows completed via the app let users capture data, including answering questions, taking photos and obtaining signatures. Users are guided through their work and the data captured evidences task completion. The value lies in giving staff everything they need to follow Standard Operating Procedures, maintain compliance and stay on task, all from their mobile device.


Our clients benefit from increased productivity, cost savings and more agile operations.

What is Job Management Software?
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What is Mobile Workflow?

Mobile workflows are smart digital versions of your paper forms and processes.

Instead of using paper forms, your teams can use workflows to record their work. These are not simply static lists of questions, workflows are dynamic and can even automate your processes. This is what really sets mpro5 apart.

Our team will work with you to configure your workflows in a way that maximises efficiency. We will also help you to design flows that guide users down a desired route of questions based on previous answers. Workflows can even automatically raise corrective actions, in the form of jobs for other mpro5 users, based on an answer, a score or other defined parameters. For example, if a cleaning audit scores below 50%, a job to deep clean the area could be automatically created and sent to the relevant team member. 

Features of mpro5’s Job Scheduling Software

Automatic Alerts and Escalations

Clear Overview of Annual Leave Booked

Why choose mpro5 for your Shift Management Software?

mpro5 is cloud-based, meaning that you can monitor operations in real-time. Work completed on the app syncs back to the cloud to give you a live view of job statuses and performance against SLAs. GPS tracking, digital signatures and timestamping can all be used to capture detailed audit trails. Dashboards let you drill down to the granular detail or see high level overviews and KPIs. 



mpro5 captures all the information you’ll need to monitor and verify the work of your teams. It can also integrate with your existing business management systems to prevent data silos. We’ll help further streamline your organisation so that your business can achieve its maximum potential.

mpro5 helps you better understand any patterns that could be easily missed and implement strategies to optimise operations further. The team can digitise all paper-based processes and have your platform up and running in just 30 days.  


Implementing your Job Management System

Because we don’t believe in off-the-shelf systems, our platform is fully customisable. You can request specific functions while dismissing any that won’t speed up processes or solve particular problems.


If you choose our job management software solution, our team will take input from your demo and begin configuring your platform immediately, providing access to key functionality within 30 days. We will continue to work with you as you get to grips with the software, implementing any changes until your platform is fully optimised and functional for your requirements. 


Once you are happy working with your agile technology, your subscription gives you on-going access to our talented support team, who will resolve any issues you come across or adapt your technology further as your business evolves.  


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