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NHS Mental Health trusts often have a large estate to manage including multiple sites, buildings and clinics that require maintenance and compliance checks, as well as handling large numbers of reactive issues. These verification checks are often the source of the reactive tasks, which need to be tracked and closed effectively.


The safety of sites in a trust is of paramount importance as getting it wrong can have profound consequences for medical staff, operational teams and patients. Managing this process is complex as it requires cross-departmental coordination that would normally be time-consuming and costly. 


“I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team at mpro5 – they covered more ground in the six weeks than our old system did in three years. This was the first step in realising my vision for the Estates Department at CWPT” Sat Padda, Senior Compliance Manager


The mpro5 configuration for this trust gives them unprecedented visibility across their estate and a new Works Management System (WMS) that can handle the reactive tasks raised with the Trust’s Estates Management helpdesk. Their platform also monitors the status of compliance for all statutory risk types, both holistically and on a site-by-site basis. 


This allowed them to switch off the obsolete system and provided a solid foundation to start expanding the use of our software across the Estates department. The first addition was a more detailed fire door check process, and the trust will soon be using the platform as their National Standards of Cleaning Auditing solution, allowing them to retire a system that they struggled with for years.


Next on the list is a building condition survey and asset tagging across the estate, widening the digital footprint, and enabling yet more processes to come within the remit of the mpro5 platform. 


Managing 110 varied buildings under a variety of freehold and leasehold arrangements in a healthcare setting, where safety is paramount, is a sprawling challenge. The trust’s previous system was becoming out-dated and failing to keep pace with their requirements, but CWPT had just six weeks remaining on their existing supplier's contract and would have been forced to renew for a full 12 months. They needed us to configure a solution, with 171 functional requirements, to replace the existing system before they were forced to renew. 


With an urgent deadline of six weeks before their existing system was switched off, we fully configured and deployed mpro5 within four, allowing two weeks for refining and testing before “Go Live”.


The system carries out maintenance schedules as well as allowing the real-time allocation of reactive tasks, providing feedback to the Estates team and the responsible persons from the buildings. Managing SLAs, Statutory PPM tasks and handling external work tasks that are passed out to a wide network of sub-contractors, mpro5 ensures compliance and the timely completion of jobs and reporting.


The platform also provides overviews of any building and the reactive tasks which have taken place.


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