mpro5’s Predictive Vehicle Maintenance Software

HSE instructs that work equipment is consistently maintained to an efficient state. This means that all work-related vehicles must be in good repair and in sufficient working order. 


At mpro5, we believe that it should go further than that and that business owners should do everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees by maintaining excellent vehicle maintenance at all times. 


From start-up checks to ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated and that all maintenance inspections are carried out as soon as necessary, we can configure a platform based on your specific requirements

Why Choose mpro5 For Your Fleet Maintenance Software?

Trying to shoehorn a business’s processes and procedures into an off-the-shelf compliance model is ineffective. That is why mpro5 takes the time to understand how a company operates, what they are looking for in a vehicle maintenance solution platform and configures precisely what they need. No two of our platforms are ever precisely the same.


We can digitise any compliance documentation or fleet safety checklists so that these can be carried out on-site and then sent to the relevant manager straight away. Because everything is stored on the cloud, management teams have instant access to branded transport compliance and maintenance reports at the push of a button, perfect for when a stakeholder or the business owner requests an update out of the blue.

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In the instance that a digitised vehicle maintenance check isn’t carried out to standard, our platform will automatically send an alert and schedule follow-up tasks, assigning it to the appropriate person so that action can be taken swiftly.


mpro5 can also integrate power BI dashboards on request, delivering dynamic visualisations of fleet maintenance metrics that your company truly cares about.

Implementing Your PPM System

mpro5 houses multiple business solutions that streamline processes, better connects staff with management, saves time, reduces corporate drains and more. If you face any other challenges outside the scope of vehicle maintenance, we can assist you with those too.


Should you choose to invest in mpro5’s fleet maintenance technology, our team will begin configuring your software. Within 30 days, you’ll have access to key functionality. From here, our team will continue to work with you to optimise the platform further to streamline your processes even more. 


Following this, our subscription service will be activated; whereby you’ll have access to our support team to resolve any technical issues you may have. Additionally, you can request the activation of other features and functionality at any time, keeping your vehicle maintenance software up to date and compatible with your business needs for years to come.

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