The demands on facility managers have never been greater. Ensuring your estates are clean, safe and fully operational, whilst managing teams out in the field and reporting on all operations is hard and time intensive. But there is a better way, a smarter way to manage your facilities, your teams and your everyday operations.


mpro5 gives your teams everything they need to do their job, both through scheduled and planned works and reactive jobs. The mobile app collects data and evidences their work for increased productivity. Combined with data from IoT sensors, you can deploy your resources where they are needed the most. Automated alerts, reporting and dynamic dashboards allow you to know exactly what is happening, ensuring remedial actions are taken before issues develop into serious problems. 

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Our Compass Group clients include:

“In Compass Group we consider this project to be a stepping-stone towards shaping the future of service. mpro5 have stepped up as a key partner for this journey. The mpro5 platform has enabled our innovation team to carefully design digital workflows in a way that matches preferred ways of working, as defined by our operational co-workers. The team also went out of their way to meet our demands in terms of data availability, which has allowed us to shape the insights we need and make them an integrated part of our business operations rather than a separate entity to our core service.” 

Jonathan Hentze Head of Innovation & Digital Development 

Featured Case Study: Compass Group


mpro5 helps Compass with brilliant brand standards across their customers’ buildings, stores and premises. With over 15,000 sites across the UK and Ireland alone, their previous paper based solution was inefficient, wasting company time and money. mpro5 covers the breadth and width of hard and soft Facilities Management services using phones and tablets. It is perfectly placed to allow Compass Group to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Mobile staff are empowered to go about their daily tasks with everything they need.
Cleaning Team
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A smart solution to improve everyday operations and drive productivity


Having worked closely with businesses including Compass Group, Mitie and Tesco for many years, our team is expert in creating smart solutions for FM, Food and Retail busiensses that improve operational efficiency with live dynamic data on works, assets and SLAs.


By unifying cloud, mobile and smart technologies we enable the quick implementation of tailored, digital processes, enhancing compliance and revolutionising your reporting capabilities. We turn complex jobs, workflows and scheduling into simple, effective and compliant processes that are fit for the future.


As a true Software as a Service subscription model, our agile technology can evolve with your business needs. As your processes change, alterations and additions to your mpro5 platform can be made quickly and at no additional cost, enhancing productivity and generating cost savings.


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