Integration for seamless business management

Why is integration key to getting ROI from your digital transformation?


As businesses continue to embrace digital solutions and move away from archaic and paper-based processes, it is essential that these systems make life easier, working together and not in silos. Integration sits at the heart of seamless business management and complete compliance. What our customers often found was a great range of solutions on the market, but a considerable lack of integration capabilities to allow for data sharing. This resulted in a low ROI from their digital transformation efforts.  


The good news is that mpro5 is specifically designed to play well with others, solving this headache for our clients. Integrating your existing systems using webservices allows mpro5 to fit effortlessly into your suite of solutions and it can become a central point for data collection and analytics, bringing all your systems together. We have experience integrating with SAP, Verisae, Microsoft Dynamics and more, as well as with bespoke systems.  


mpro5’s REST API allows for seamless synchronization and coordination of many mpro5 entities, including jobs, flows, site and location hierarchies, timesheets and so on. This means you can keep data up to date between systems, trigger events from a different system (that schedule a job for example), and pull data from mpro5 for uses such as reporting or payroll. 


We’ll work with your IT resource to scope and set up your desired integrations, to make a system that helps you work smarter, not harder. It’s also worth noting that in addition to the API, mpro5 integrates with Single Sign On systems and IoT sensors. Our aim is to harmonize your business data and workstreams, ensure company-wide compliance, and help to accelerate your digital transformation journey, to get most out of your mpro5 solution. 


We Integrate with a variety of great options, including:

The Technical Bit 

Our API service follows the REST architecture, making it lightweight and easily testable. It uses the OData protocol so that endpoints can be queried and responses returned in JSON format. It is also fully-documented using Swagger, a framework for describing the API in plain language, which automatically generates so that nothing falls out of date. 


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