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The right food every time

The mpro5 team worked with Chartwells to design and rapidly deliver a Daily Food Quality Audit mobile workflow that allows Chartwells to ensure and evidence that the right ingredients, menus and medical diets are served. Kitchen staff complete the audit on their tailored mpro5 app, providing all the required information and photo evidence. The app automatically time and GPS stamps their work and uploads the full audit trail to the cloud.
mpro5 makes best practice easy to follow for app users.
The mpro5 cloud is powerful

It automates reporting, saving admin time and effort. It creates and allocates out corrective actions on an if-this-then-that basis. mpro5 ensures problems are quickly identified and resolved and saves time and money with smart automation.


Dynamic KPI dashboards surface all of the data on every stage of the process, across all sites to allow management to take effective intervention based on trends.

Choose a Platform not a Single Solution


The food safety “point solutions” on the market are only designed to digitize food safety checks - they are usually limited and inflexible. Point solutions lead to siloed data and often high development costs when you need changes.


mpro5 is not a point solution, it’s a platform. It is customisable in order to digitize almost any process across your wider business. Beyond food quality auditing, Chartwells also use mpro5 for brand standards checks, nutrition audits and equipment maintenance logs.
mpro5 has also become trusted across Compass Europe’s service lines for digitizing processes from janitor schedules to recycling audits. Take a look below at some other example use cases


  • Incident reporting
  • HR forms
  • Uniform Checks
  • Waste management
  • Fire Safety Checks
  • Security Audit & Service Credits
  • Security Patrols



  • Sanitisation checklists
  • Asset maintenance
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Cleaning Audit & Service Credits
  • Periodics
  • Housekeeper Checks
  • Store Controls Audits

  • Distribution Cage/Compliance
  • Recycling Proof of Presence
  • Ask The Colleague (ATC)
  • Petrol Filling Station processes
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Time and Attendance

You're in The Best company

Our clients in catering include:

The Enterprise Mobility App With A Service

The key differentiator with mpro5 is our “With Service” approach.

You’ll get to know your dedicated implementation team an support team by first name. They will become immersed in how you run your business and get to know your pain points and aspirations. We collaborate with clients to understand and fulfil the needs of everyone from end users to those at c-level. The configurability of our platform means that you’ll be up and running with mpro5 in days, not months and years. Our team will consult with you on an ongoing basis with feedback and to identify efficiency opportunities together. mpro5 is easy to budget for with our monthly subscription model. As your business evolves, we evolve with you – configuration changes and are all included.

I feel there are never any requests that are unachievable!”
– Graeme S, Data & MI lead, Chartwells


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Koenig & Bauer (KBA), the German printing press group,
has been with mpro5 for 18 years - that’s a long time!

We do it for Chartwells, we do it for KBA, we can do it for you.