8 May 2024

Tech Leaders - Meet mpro5’s U.S. Leadership Team


As a global organization with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently, the United States, mpro5 is dedicated to quantifiably improving operational efficiencies, cost savings, visibility and data, compliance and customer experiences. As the process management app and customer-first solution trusted by food service, retail and facilities management organizations, mpro5  always strives to deliver our best, support our partners, and most importantly, personalize our efforts to cater to the needs of each valued partner. We take pride in our commitment to delivering a product and tailored solution that fits each organization’s specific needs - all of which would not be possible without the hardworking professionals leading mpro5. Starting with our leadership, let’s get to know the faces of the U.S. mpro5 team!


Fred Whipp - Vice President, Business Development

As mpro5’s Vice President of Business Development, Fred Whipp is well-versed in data analytics and possesses in-depth knowledge of the impressive features offered by mpro5. Passionate about IoT sensors and smart technology, he has not only advanced the industry and expanded mpro5’s footprint in the North American market, but also successfully integrated sensors and automation into his own home. Fred is determined to become one of the leading names in business development - and is doing just that, by revolutionizing operations management one day at a time. 


Meet Fred Whipp

Hailing from the picturesque town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England, Fred grew up exploring the beautiful countryside and cheering on his favorite team, Arsenal. Now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Fred continues to support his team - even on early morning kickoffs! Professionally, he is passionate about technology and its role in transforming operations and brings strategic thinking, negotiation skills, and an intuitive understanding of market dynamics to mpro5. 


Fred’s Leadership Journey

When asked, Fred said that he “aim[s] to be a compass rather than a map,” when it comes to leadership. As an authentic and approachable professional, he prefers to provide motivation and then step back to allow others to feel trusted, which he strongly believes drives mpro5 forward. In the short-term, he envisions mpro5 solidifying its reputation within key industries - and as a long-term goal, Fred plans to make mpro5 the world’s leading name in mobile process management. Capturing the essence of what Fred - and the whole mpro5 team - strives for, his favorite quote by Winston Churchill reads, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


Inside the Workday of a Tech Leader

While each workday is different, it always entails some mix of strategy, development, and relationship-building duties. He spends his time shaping sales and marketing strategies, exploring new partnership opportunities, and ensuring that products and services align with our client’s evolving needs. Since joining mpro5 four years ago, Fred remains passionate about continuing to learn and grow as an industry leader.


Passion for Progress

Excited by the potential to empower businesses, Fred has a passion for progress - and uses his empathy and resilience to connect with the greater mpro5 team and clients on a deeper level. Recently, he spearheaded rebranding and modernizing sales and marketing functions to keep up with ever-changing market needs to take mpro5 to the next level. 


Personal Interests and Future Aspirations

Outside of his career, Fred is deeply committed to mental health advocacy, soccer, running, and connecting with other Raleigh locals. One of his favorite moments to date was running the Brighton Marathon for Mind and combining his hobbies with a great cause benefitting mental health advocacy. For future aspirations, he is eager and excited to announce an upcoming new development at mpro5, which will save retailers thousands of dollars annually and continue the mpro5 mission of streamlining and optimizing operations. 


Debra Reuther - Partner Marketing Manager

As Partner Marketing Manager at mpro5, Debra Reuther has brought innovative ideas to the forefront of mpro5’s business solutions. Debra launched our Global Leadership Program, completely changing how we partner with leaders across various industries. Her background in communications brings forth her expertise in understanding customer needs and strategizing new business opportunities. With a visionary approach, Debra constantly monitors industry trends, helping to keep our partners at the forefront of their industry. Her forward-thinking approach guides results that have improved innovation and collaboration - solidifying our place as a global market industry leader.


Getting To Know Debra

Debra was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Although she and her family decided to relocate to North Carolina 12 years ago, she will forever be a dedicated member of the Bills Mafia - and is proud to say that she has lived through all four of their Super Bowl games. She has three sons and a loyal King Charles Cavalier, who is always sleeping at her feet, no matter if she is at home or work. Previously working for multimedia departments and non-profit organizations, Debra’s experience has laid a foundation for her current marketing role at mpro5. Her values go hand-in-hand with what we aim to prioritize - partnership, trust, dynamism, teamwork, and fearlessness.


Leadership and Vision

For Debra, leadership is about empowering and developing employees - helping to improve their leadership skills, and boosting confidence in their area of expertise. Debra aspires to create a culture of “excellence and achievement” for years to come. Always in the back of her mind is her favorite quote by Pele that says, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Her hard work and determination will help lead mpro5 to further expand into the North American market.


A Day in the Life

With more than a decade of experience in the communications industry, Debra serves as the head of mpro5’s Global Partner Marketing and collaborates with cross-functional teams and valued partners to ensure that mpro5’s clients maximize their potential and achieve remarkable results. Staying on top of industry trends is an everyday occurrence - and proves as a way for Debra to establish market plans that help improve business strategies.


Driving Innovation and Achieving Excellence

As a direct leader who is not afraid to jump in and take the reins in any situation, personally and professionally, Debra enjoys leading projects and organizing - whether it’s setting up a meal train for her neighbor or heading up a project at work, she is ready to dive in headfirst. Her leadership, organization, and communication skills have helped to launch our global partnership program where Debra quickly saw the opportunity for growth with international leaders - shifting away from a direct sales focus. She is most excited to see this project take off, especially as many organizations in the post-COVID era are now focusing on their digital capabilities.


Beyond the Office

In all areas, Debra enjoys staying busy. Her fundamental belief is that you should give your all to the people and organizations you are passionate about - which is evident, as she has previously worked with various non-profit organizations and is extremely passionate about giving back to her local community. Beyond the office, you can find Debra cheering on her son at his soccer games, using her organizational skills to organize events for her North Carolina neighborhood, and surrounding herself with family and friends.


The mpro5 team optimizes operations, drives innovation, and achieves excellence for our clients each day, but it wouldn’t be possible without our driven leaders, Fred and Debra, and their innovation, kindness, and curiosity to learn more each day. For those interested in connecting with Fred and Debra, please contact them with the following information: 





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