mpro5's Powerful Reporting

Keeping track of operational performance is a fantastic way to gain strategic insight that pushes your business forward. Regular reporting helps track compliance, monitor the return on investments at all levels, identify time and productivity wastage and ascertain which areas to invest in for improved yields.


Unfortunately, many businesses fail to harness the power reporting holds, either by hyper-focusing or not digging deeply enough. There is also a high risk that human error will affect the accuracy of reports and the effectiveness of business decisions based on data captured manually.


When companies invest in mpro5, they can combine automated alerting, real-time reporting and powerful dynamic dashboards. This takes the manual requirements and pressures out of the management teams’ hands, by surfacing and highlighting the data that will bring real value.

mpro5's Powerful Reporting

Features of mpro5’s Reporting and Dashboards

Clever Filtering

The Data That Matters

Dashboards, Alerts and Reports


Making data-driven decisions is an undeniable necessity for any business. Your bespoke Power BI dashboard helps you visualize and understand your operations in real time through dynamic data driven graphics.

Dashboards are a great way to present and consolidate information captured by field teams and readings from IoT sensors. As work orders are scheduled and completed, they sync to the cloud and can populate your own bespoke management dashboards. This real time information enables you to identify issues and respond quickly and appropriately. 

Dashboards, Alerts and Reports


Automatic Reports

mpro5 generates and distributes reports automatically, meaning you’ll no longer need to manually create them. Whether internal, customer facing or both, mpro5 emails the reports with your branding to the right people at the right time. 

You can choose from a suite of out-of-the-box reports or we can build customized reports, depending upon your requirements. The beauty of mpro5 means these reports are specifically tailored to your business needs from design to timing.

Automatic Reports

Alerts and Notifications

When jobs and workflows are completed or scheduled, mpro5 alerts will notify the right people in real-time. Choose to receive your alerts via SMS, email or push notifications to effortlessly integrate our software with your business operations.

These real-time alerts enable business processes to run seamlessly. Timely notifications reduce the escalation of issues and support efficient response times.

Automatically generated, the relevant reports can be attached to your email alerts for further detail and complete visibility.

Alerts and Notifications

Why choose mpro5 as your Service Reports Provider?

Whatever functions and features you invest in as part of your mpro5 platform, you’ll be gathering data that holds enormous value. Through power BI dashboards and real-time reporting and alerts, you can harness this data to make strategic decisions that move the needle.

Once you start using your mpro5 platform, we will host scoping sessions to understand what metrics matter to your organization and how we can configure your bespoke reports to best display this in a meaningful way.


The platform operates silently in the background, so your management teams can spend their time managing other aspects of their role, such as maximizing their team’s time and attendance, ensuring full health and safety compliance and even looking into solutions to streamline processes further.

Through the mpro5 platform, you will have access to your reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning that the most up-to-date information is just a simple click away. mpro5 hosts these reports on the cloud, so all storage areas can be put to better use, further increasing your company’s ROI.

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Implementing your Power BI Automation

We help countless companies implement power BI automation on their already-running mpro5 platforms, hearing how the technology has saved countless hours and allowed them to make considerable savings. 


When you schedule a demonstration with us, your consultant will showcase precisely how your reporting can look, and if you are an existing customer, we can use data already gathered by the platform to start creating your dashboards. Once we have ascertained how you will best benefit from our this, the team will deploy their optimization so that you can begin utilizing the reporting software as quickly as possible. 

But our relationship doesn’t end there. Through our subscription service, we can continue to adapt your platform and power BI reports as your business evolves. And should you come across any issues, our support team will be on hand to help.

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