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Logbooks are an essential part of many businesses, particularly those in retail. They are used to record all operations and evidence compliance, playing a central part in most audits and reports.


Despite the importance of logbooks, many businesses still persist with a mixture of paper records and legacy systems. These are unreliable and limited in their usefulness beyond slowly extracting the data for audits. For the past 10 years we have worked with one of the world's biggest retailers to develop a specifically tailored mpro5 platform. The client now has fully digitized logbooks, an enhanced operational process and can evidence compliance quickly and effectively.


“As a large food retailer with thousands of sites and with many health and safety checks to perform, you can see how doing this on paper caused plenty of headaches. This new digitized system for our logbooks is great because it’s easier to use, harder to get wrong and gives us much more useful information than a paper system backed by an excel spreadsheet ever could.”

John Lamont, Head of Capacity and Legal Operations


Our client now has effective and agile processes with full visibility of compliance. They have also generated significant productivity gains and cost savings, including reductions in data entry and over £1million in print costs. This has also helped our client in their commitment to more sustainable practices. 


Management can now spot trends, identify pain points and change cultural behavior, to proactively improve their processes rather than simply passively recording compliance. mpro5 has helped our client to streamline operations, reducing the total amount of checks by 63%. 


They have also found themselves less susceptible to false insurance claims and better positioned to recognize problems and resolve them quickly. Employees complete tasks by simply and correctly filling in their smart logbooks. Employees have also said that the transition to this new way of working has been surprisingly smooth and that they appreciate the clear guidance and accountability provided by workflows.


Our client’s logbooks were paper based prior to using mpro5. This meant that the veracity of the data was questionable, and it was tempting for employees to fill them out ‘as and when’ without properly following the process. 


All this data was siloed into more than 160 paper logbooks across the company, making it difficult to navigate and impossible to visualize. It was no exaggeration to say that our client had limited visibility of their compliance data. Prompt and timely follow-up actions were difficult to implement and even harder to track.


Our client already used our software to manage housekeeping, cleaning health checks and auditing, but they decided they could leverage the flexibility of the platform for their logbook requirements. All logbooks were digitized and integrated into their back-office analytics solution to view data in a way that was most useful to them.


The platform creates remedial actions for failures or incidences where they have not met standards, to ensure the proper response. The status of logbooks and remedial actions can be monitored in real time on the app by management – from store managers to the Managing Director. All employees can log in to mpro5 using their credentials via SSO (Single Sign On), meaning the implementation was simple and intuitive for users. 


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