For 25+ years we’ve helped enterprise businesses make the complex simple. Here’s our story.

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At mpro5 we draw from more than 25 years of expertise in revolutionising the way businesses work. The beauty of working with mpro5 is that you not only benefit from the experience of our team, but also from the continuous improvements to the platform and additional features and best practices that we implement for our other mpro5 users.

mpro5 has grown to offer digitalisation solutions to leading brands in crucial sectors, including retail, healthcare, transport and food business.

From the NHS, to international catering and national passenger rail — we’re proud to offer mobile workforce management solutions for organisations of varying sizes, across a wide range of sectors.

mpro5 is a service provided by Crimson Tide Plc, which was founded in 1996 and originally specialised in telecoms and the development of CRM solutions. It was in 2004 that Crimson Tide established and launched mpro5, the enterprise app with a service, which is now the company’s sole focus. 

Supported by our offices in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, the mpro5 team delivers personalised solutions to an international client base with a first-hand understanding of global business contexts.


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Long-term partnerships

We offer Software with a Service, and will work with you to drive success with solutions that match your needs at every stage of your business journey.
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Proprietary platform and service

We have sole control over our technology and service, so every mpro5 client receives the best we have to offer.

Innovation_and_scalability Innovation_and_scalability_hover
Innovation and

Our approach is iterative, so our teams deliver solutions that grow and change alongside your business.

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Fully configurable solutions

We develop creative solutions that follow best practises for your sector, and are personalised to your business.

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Accredited partner networks

We deliver mpro5 solutions to an expanded clientbase by working with our network of accredited partners. 

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Our lead referral and resale partner program allows like-minded companies to expand their client offering while earning a generous commission. 


Trust is at the heart of what we do. Our clients need to trust us to create, implement and improve on digitalisation solutions for their business, which improve their operations and ensure continuous process compliance. 


With this in mind, we promise to always:

Deliver_our_best Deliver_our_best_hover
Deliver our best

We’ll bring you people who know exactly what they’re doing — experts in mpro5 and your sector.

Support_you_as_partners Support_you_as_partners_hover
Support you as partners

We may be experts in your sector, but only you know your business. We’ll sit down with you to understand your business challenges first, before proposing solutions.

friendly_professional_and_approachable friendly_professional_and_approachable_hover
Be friendly, professional and approachable

We’re here to build a proactive partnership, so we’ll never be intimidating, stuffy or overly formal.

dynamic_and_flexible dynamic_and_flexible_hover
Be dynamic and

We know that needs change. When that happens, we adapt. Our approach is iterative and built to grow and change with your business.

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Create a personalised solution

We work for your success, not just project completion. We’ll develop a creative solution that follows best practices for your sector and is tailor-made for your business.


How can I start using mpro5 for my business?

For new customers, we typically recommend starting with one problem - it could be your cleaning routines or proof of presence for a security patrol, for example. This allows us to refine your solution and test it in the field, as well as quickly making your life easier in at least one area of operations.

How easy is it to integrate the mpro5 software into my business?

mpro5 plays well with others, whether through our open API or a custom integration - our platform can be used in almost any heirarcy, including acting as middleware.

How long will it take before mpro5 works for my business?

You can be up and running with your mpro5 app and website from 30 days. Read more about how we’d implement mpro5 in your business here.

Why should I choose the mpro5 software for my business?

Our workflow management and automation platform is highly scalable, flexible and versatile. We are data agnostic, fully configurable and offer our service on a subscription basis. We recommend exploring our website to find out what we've done with our clients and how we might be able to help you. If you're not sure, please book some time in for a chat with one of our sector directors - this isn't a hard sell, we just want to work out if we can help your business.

Is mpro5 a SaaS company?

Although mpro5 is accessed through the cloud and your app store of choice, we actually provide a far more comprehensive service than the average SaaS proposition. We are always on hand to add new features, change settings or improve mpro5 for individual customers and the customer base as a whole. This is an ongoing processes throughout your contract with us.



Please select how we can help solve your problems below, or fill in the enquiry form to the left and a sector director will contact you ASAP to discuss how we can help.


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