Improve your quality of service, easily evidence compliance across processes and increase the productivity of your staff across operations with mpro5.



Healthcare providers are under extraordinary pressure to deliver excellent patient care under strict regulatory constraints and shrinking budgets. 

The ability to maintain a clean, safe environment is foundational to effective care. The healthcare industry continues to face increasing pressure to deliver this transparently and within tight resource constraints. 

Thankfully, we’re committed to making this easier — with our leading workflow management and automation software supporting facilities management best practices and compliance, supported by our completely configurable workflows.

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We support leaders in public and private healthcare as operations and compliance partners, through our platform — including the NHS (National Health Service) & private contractors within facilities management and food service serving leading hospital systems around the globe. 



We have digitally transformed facilities management in the UK's NHS (National Health Service) — ensuring complete adherence to all legal, ethical and professional healthcare compliance standards with our smart software solution.  


We have empowered multiple NHS trusts to streamline their processes, improving operational effectiveness, boosting productivity and driving cost-savings, while maintaining continuous compliance. Let us do the same for you!



We support private healthcare compliance software as well, streamlining all aspects of facilities management and food services to improve quality of service, cost-effectively. 


mpro5 ensures adherence to government mandates and recommendations set out by the Healthcare Estates Facilities Management Association (HEFMA), and more. Whether you’re managing 5 buildings or 1,000, we’ll create a personalized solution that increases operational efficiency and drives productivity gains, while improving process compliance and enabling excellent service quality for staff and patients.   


mpro5 covered more ground in six weeks than our old system did in three years. This was the first step in realising my vision of the Estates Department at CWPT. The opportunities are endless, you just need the education and the appetite to want to see the change.

- Sat Padda, Senior Compliance manager


mpro5 have been a genuine breath of fresh air to work with. The team collaborate well with the business and took the time to understand how the business worked to better tailor their support.

- Tom Devoil, Product Manager

Northern Trains

mpro5 delivers effortless compliance with our SQ (Service Quality) Regime with backup, service and support that never lets us down. Through Covid, changes in routines and schedules and even staffing challenges, mpro5 are always there on the end of the phone to help us through.

- Laura McLaughlin, Service Quality Manager

Compass Group

mpro5 have stepped up as a key partner for this journey. The mpro5 platform has enabled our innovation team to carefully design digital workflows in a way that matches preferred ways of working, as defined by our operational co-workers. The team also went out of their way to meet our demands in terms of data availability, which has allowed us to shape the insight.

- Jonathan Hentze, Head of Innovation & Digital Development

Chartwells UK

The support available from the CE team and the Support team at mpro5 is superb, this is one of the main selling points for me as they are always available to help and extremely friendly. The software itself is extremely flexible, when we first started using mpro5 it was in a small capacity, over the years we've grown the usage and now have somewhat complex functions and audits being used - This has caused no issues and I feel there are never any requests that are unachievable!

- Graeme Smith, Data and MI Lead


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4 Jun 2024

Hospital Cleaning Checklists - ensuring compliance

In the UK, standards relating to the cleaning of hospitals were last updated in 2007. Now, there are the new National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021. This new set of standards regulates all cleaning tasks throughout the NHS, regardless of which department is responsible for it.

27 Jun 2023

NHS Trusts must start getting smart about spaces

The NHS is under a lot of pressure right now, in case you haven’t heard. Strikes, staff shortages, pandemic backlogs, waiting lists, an aging population – there are many factors at play here, but one key piece is the physical capacity of trusts.

30 Jun 2022

NHS asset management: when is it time to throw in the towel?

Estates teams face a quandary with NHS assets. Manage them well and you’ll release a much-needed windfall, squander them and you’ll always be short of funds to invest in areas that really make a difference. Now it’s been recognised that “an attractive and well-maintained environment makes an important contribution to the well-being of patients” you might finally have the budget to improve patient-facing areas.


What does a healthcare management system do?
There are many different kinds of healthcare management systems, but mpro5 is a workflow, aggregation and automation platform. Teams on the ground use our mobile application to record their work and fill out logbooks, then we combine this data with information from other sources including legacy systems and remote sensors. All together, this can be structured into useful business information that can drive action and insight through automation and visualization.


How can a healthcare management system faciliate NHS compliance?

We ensure compliance in a few different ways. Clear guidance from smart workflows ensures data integrity and makes completing compliance checks easy and reliable. Effective data aggregation then surfaces compliance levels. Any failures can trigger remedial actions being sent out to resolve the issue and close the feedback loop.

What are the benefits of using a healthcare management system?

Healthcare management software can make your operations vastly more efficient, effective and proactively service-driven. Aside from these cost savings and operational improvements, effective data visualization allows you to spot trends and identify pain points, as well as making auditing and reporting easy. You can work smarter, not harder, and ultimately provide better patient care.