6 Sep 2023

CWE & Revolutionize facility services workflow automation announcement



Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) and mpro5 are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of work productivity and efficiency. This dynamic collaboration brings together the cutting-edge capabilities of CWE’s innovative workplace solutions with the powerful mobile data capture and workflow management capabilities of mpro5.

As the business world continues to evolve and embrace digital transformation, organizations are seeking comprehensive solutions that streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive sustainable growth. The partnership between CWE and mpro5 addresses these needs by combining state-of-the-art technologies to create a seamless, integrated platform that empowers facility management teams to achieve higher levels of productivity, organization, and success.


Key Highlights of the Partnership:

1. Sensor-Driven Cleaning - Improve quality and compliance

2. Security Controls - Visualize and confirm checkpoint safety

3. Ambiant Temp Monitoring - Sensor-driven activity for a range of use cases

4. Maintenance & Workorders - User friendly and simplistic 


"We are excited to have mpro5 join our Tech Stack and are confident in their ability to leverage IoT and workflow automation to improve the soft and hard services of our customers," said Billy Waldrop, COO at CWE. "This partnership amplifies our ability to provide facility teams and service providers with the tools they need to thrive and remain competitive." 

“We believe that the synergy between our technologies will redefine how facility teams and service providers operate and drive value,” stated Fred Whipp, VP, Business Development at mpro5. “The partnership with CWE is a natural fit, and together, we will continue to deliver solutions that improve productivity and enhance visibility to hard-to-track facility services.”


About mpro5:

At mpro5, we offer a sensor-driven workflow platform that is designed to help businesses optimize their operations by automating responses to workflows and sensor data. Our platform offers a wide range of key features, including sensor integration, customizable workflows, real-time monitoring, data analytics, predictive maintenance, automated responses, compliance automation, integrations with other systems, and mobile access. With our platform, businesses can gain end-to-end visibility into their operations, minimize downtime, reduce costs, and improve compliance. For more information, click here or contact Darrin Johnson, sales@mpro5.com.


About CWE

CWE is a software and technology advisory firm focused on improving business by enabling collaboration of teams, systems, and data. This is achieved by combining proven technologies, analytics expertise, and a proven process to Define, Design, and Deliver solutions. Whether it is virtual collaboration, data management, advanced analytics, or cost optimization, our process enables our team to quickly baseline current state, design a solution which justifies value, and deliver based on a business case for change. At CWE we are passionate about helping organizations with their toughest digitization challenges.

For more information, visit www.collaborativewe.com or contact Chris Beall, cabeall@collaborativewe.com, (919) 345-5820



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