16 Apr 2024

mpro5 attends the Channel Partners Conference and Expo


What is the Channel Partners Conference and Expo?

The Channel Partners Conference and Expo is the world’s largest channel event, uniting business leaders across the Telco and IT channel, including agents, MSPs, VARs, tech vendors, and more. The three-Day expo, which took place in March, featured technology vendors, a variety of networking opportunities, and several keynote and conference sessions led by 150+ industry professionals, visionaries and experts in the channel. 

Our Insights on the Conference

During the event, our mpro5 team had the opportunity to showcase our latest developments in IoT-enabled workflow automation. In addition, our VP of Business Development, Fred Whipp, led a key session on how data is revolutionizing strategic business initiatives and provided expert insights on decision-making processes, the increasing value of data, and strategies for leveraging data-driven decisions to enhance ROI. 


Top Takeaways from Channel Partners Conference & Expo

In addition to spotlighting mpro5’s latest offerings, the mpro5 team took away several industry learnings:

  1. In today’s saturated market, the industry for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) is getting more competitive, making the need to expand offerings now more than ever. By introducing newer, more innovative service lines, MSPs and VARs can rise above the noise, thus becoming more approachable for potential customers.

  2. With the economic climate becoming more strict than ever before, partners offering software need to keep their focus on proving ROI, as it’s vital for staying competitive and relevant. Keep prioritizing the meticulous tasks that bring the long-term value of software solutions, in addition to building stronger business relationships, both new and continuous. All wins – big and small – are always beneficial.

  3. Lastly, software providers should always keep empowering their sales representatives– remaining consistent on building on the areas that need improvement, which then evolves the product to be easy-to-sell and valuable to the customer. This is achievable by equipping salespeople with tools and resources so that software providers can easily streamline new business, which ultimately drives revenue growth. 

Predicted Impact of Technologies on the Channel

The increase in digitalization as well as the introduction of new technologies will continue to impact the channel both in the short and long term. First, automation will immediately reduce friction between channel partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) leading to more streamlined operations and more effective partnerships. Second, it's no secret that the rise of generative AI is expected to gain traction and that it will become an asset for software tools. As we look to the future, we can expect an increase in use of generative AI when reaching out to gain partners, and also to better explain software tools and their features. These technologies are constantly evolving and shaping the channel ecosystem, thus fostering innovation and collaboration in both the short and long term.


Surprising Outcomes and Trends We Learned

Interestingly enough, humans still crave interaction in this digitalized era. That being said, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and phone calls are by no means dead despite the influx of remote meeting tools, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc. As we navigate through these technological advancements, let’s not forget the value of genuine human connection, achieved through these platforms, and how technology can support but not remove humans in the process. 


Personal Highlights and Networking Opportunities

Despite being in our ever-evolving virtual world, networking in-person is still going strong. At the end of the day, building connections face-to-face can still make a difference and provide value. Attending events like the Channel Partners Conference and Expo, it provides the valuable opportunity to  meet individuals with many years of successful channel experience and learn from them. 


Driving Technology Innovation Forward

As we reflect on the insightful conference discussions, it’s evident that technology is propelling us into a future of endless possibilities. With that said, we invite you to take the next step with us toward innovation and boosting your productivity. 


Contact us today or book a demo to discover how mpro5 is revolutionizing operations and driving efficiencies to new heights. 



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