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Whether you operate in a corporate, entertainment or healthcare environment, a lot goes on behind the scenes guarantee compliance, and ensure people feel safe and comfortable within your facilities. Often, the sign of a job done well is when people dont notice the amount of work that goes into the property’s daily running.  


From Hard FM to Soft Services, mpro5 brings together the many arms required for smooth operations and will be fully configured to represent the way you work. The simple-to-use digital forms and workflows, completed on the mpro5 app, easily evidence compliance and streamline processes. The automation capabilities and data visualisation available to management in real-time, via the mpro5 customer website, save you and your team valuable time, and allow you to make decisions based on the data. 


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Our Facilities Management Compliance Software clients include:

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Your mpro5 Facilities Management Software can include:

Health and Safety

Checks, reports, compliance and risk assessment

Reports and Alerts

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork

Proof of Presence

Automatic and live reporting for compliance

Time and Attendance

Variety of clock-in options available

Job Management

Task scheduling and completion, with protocol compliance

COVID19 Secure

Proof of patrols, cleaning and covid checklists

Key benefits of our software


Substantial Time Savings

Workers have the tools they need to complete jobs. All reporting can be completed there and then, where and when you need it


Real-Time Data Transparency

Perfect for live operations visibility including the status of jobs and adherence to SLAs


Efficient Scheduling of Tasks

Generating follow up jobs and offering visibility of jobs after task completion


Reduce Margin for Error

Replacing convoluted documentation with simple and straightforward digital forms and workflows so that nothing is overlooked

Why choose mpro5 as your Facilities Management Software Providers?

From connecting teams with management to hosting all relevant information, checklists and training documentation, mpro5 is a flexible solution built to your requirements.

Any paper documentation you currently utilise, such as cleaning checks, brand audits and maintenance works, can be digitised and completed via the app. You can tailor the functionality and features for different teams and requirements so that each department has precisely what they need at their fingertips. 


mpro5 also harnesses IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to predict facilities management requirements and to save both time and money. Rather than having cleaners check spaces that don’t yet require cleaning, sensors can be placed and automatic tasks scheduled in response, based on predefined rules for cleaning on demand. For example, you could set a task for a cleaner after a bathroom door has been opened and closed a specific number of times or when the soap dispensers drop to a certain level. Creating cleaning on demand frees your staff to focus on other tasks. 

You can also utilise IoT to monitor facemask usage, crowd control, desk and building occupancy, temperature, lux and ambience monitoring, Co2 and air quality and more.


Our facility management software also allows managers to implement preventative and reactive maintenance. If a maintenance check is carried out and found to be below standards, an automatic alert will be sent and a task created in response so that the situation can be dealt with swiftly before it becomes an issue. 


Scheduling staff rotas and monitoring time and attendance can also be managed within the solution. Additionally, reports can be automated to focus on specific data that is valuable to the business so that you can reach strategic decisions that move the company forward. 


How mpro5 Supports Clients

Implementing your software for Facilities Management

When you book a demo with us, you will be connected with a team member who has extensive experience working with facility management companies. They will take you through the multiple features available and explain how they could streamline your practices, saving you time and money. We will speak with you about any current difficulties you are experiencing and suggest integrations that will help. We will also ascertain which aspects of the app would not be helpful and ensure that these are not included in your configured solution. For example, you may want to include the proof of works functionality, but you may not require tag scanning. Our team can build your app in a way that is the most valuable to you, while allowing you to turn on additional functionality your business grows. 


When you are happy to proceed, our team will work closely with you to configure your mpro5 solution, delivering your key functionality within 30 days. Should you wish to add to your reporting capabilities, we also offer bespoke Power BI dashboards for dynamic data visualisation.  


Our subscription service means that you can add to and alter your facility management software at any time. As your business grows and evolves, so will your solution. Simply get in touch, and we will action any changes requested. In the unlikely event you come across a problem using your facility management software, our support team is available to help. 


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