Health and Safety Compliance & Management System

Whatever industry you are in, the health and safety of your staff, visitors and customers has to be at the forefront of all operations. Not only that, you must be able to evidence compliance at all times.

With mpro5’s fully configured health and safety management software, you can stay on top of all legislative requirements. You won’t have to spend precious time gathering information to prove that you operate safely; you will have everything you need, including live information, to evidence compliance.

Health and Safety Management System

Features of mpro5’s Health and Safety Software

Safety Checklists

Risk Assessment

Compliance Documentation

Photographs and Signatures

GPS Stamping

Why choose mpro5 as your Health and Safety Technology Provider?

At mpro5 we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions, nor do we think that software is effective when it includes redundant functionality that no one in the company ever utilises. We do believe in flexible technology that saves management teams and staff time on the ground. 


When you invest in our health and safety software, you’ll gain access to our management and reporting platform where you can organise staff schedules, easily evidence compliance and gain insights into how the business is performing based on automatic reporting. 

Our team can also implement power BI dashboards on request to provide dynamic visualisations of the metrics that your company truly cares about. Our team will be able to provide more information on this during your demonstration.

Why choose mpro5 as your Health and Safety Technology Provider?

Any paper documentation and processes currently in place can be entirely digitised and uploaded onto your health and safety app, which means your team doesn’t have to learn a wholly new system. What’s more, you can organise your app so that your teams only have access to the checklists and documents that they require to complete their work. For example, your cleaning team won’t have access to any security documentation and vice versa, promising relevant and accessible functionality for everybody. 

With the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, you can monitor facemask compliance, air quality, sound levels and more, to ensure the utmost safety of everyone on site.

Implementing your Health and Safety System

We work with numerous companies, who have previously relied upon paper documentation and cumbersome compliance processes, to speed up practices and save time across all teams, utilising our health and safety management technology. Our Consultants can schedule a demo on request to showcase the multiple functions and features available through mpro5. During the demonstration, we can discuss your current processes or particular pain points and explain how our health and safety technology can streamline these to reduce time spent on compliance. If you have a particular problem that our dynamic software cannot solve, we can work with you to create a solution that works for you. 

We will also take this opportunity to discuss any aspects of the platform that won’t be useful to you or your teams and ensure that these aren’t included in your agile technology. The mpro5 team will then work with you to configure your platform, delivering key functionality within 30 days. Once this has been delivered and your team is using the software, we will continue to make further optimisation recommendations based on your feedback to improve performance further. Because we are a subscription service, you can rely on us should you require features to be added further down the line. As the business grows and evolves, so will your platform. 

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