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Retail Management & Compliance Software Retail workers, whether on the floor or management in the background, must wear many hats. Just some of the tasks teams address regularly include:

  • Creating clean and safe stores
  • Inventory monitoring and management for hot and cold food
  • Ensuring retail standards and store compliance is maintained and evidenced
  • Managing and completing shift log books
  • Improving customer experience
  • Creating safe and secure retail experiences

mpro5 is a fully configured platform and app that allows teams to access the documents they need at the push of a button. It also offers automation, saving you precious time.


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Our Retail Software clients include:

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Your mpro5 Retail Software can include:

Health and Safety

Checks, reports and risk assessment.

Reports and Alerts

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork

Log Books

Digitise and standardise essential paperwork

Time and Attendance

Variety of clock-in/out options available

Job Management

Task scheduling & completion, with protocol compliance

COVID19 Secure

Proof of patrols, cleaning and covid checklists

Why choose mpro5 as your Retail Management Software provider?

mpro5 can seamlessly merge all of your processes, including digitising any paper documentation such as log books and workflows required to operate your business. Through personalised dashboards, your different teams have access to the data and reporting they need at their fingertips.

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential for retail spaces, particularly for supermarkets selling food. Through our configured software, you can schedule planned and reactive cleaning to ensure improved customer experience, and the creation safe and secure retail experiences


The software can use IoT (Internet of Things) sensors that monitor anything from fridge temperatures to soap dispenser levels and toilet door usage, based on predefined rules. When an alert is triggered, the app will generate a follow up task and assign it to the team member on shift. This level of automation saves time on scheduled checks throughout the day; time that quickly adds up to substantial cost savings.  

You can also ensure full compliance and reduce insurable risk via the app and online platform, as the software allows you to capture all incidents and corrections with a full audit trail. This covers anything from aisle spillages and clean-ups to protection from insurance claims if a customer is injured in store.


All digitised forms are stored securely on the cloud to allow easy access and completion by your team as and when required. 

The mpro5 retail software also comes with automation, alerting the relevant personnel when audits are required. If a check is missed or falls below specified standards, the app generates tasks to ensure action is taken, preventing any issues that can quickly become costly problems. 

Reports can also be generated automatically using data that really matters to your business, allowing you to spend the time saved to action strategies based on the report’s findings.

Key benefits of our software

Substantial Time Savings

Substantial Time Savings

Workers have the tools they need to complete jobs. All reporting can be completed there and then, where and when you need it


Real-Time Data Transparency

Perfect for live operations visibility including the status of jobs and adherence to SLAs

Efficient Scheduling of Tasks

Efficient Scheduling of Tasks

Generating follow up jobs and offering visibility of jobs after task completion


Reduce Margin for Error

Replacing convoluted documentation with simple and straightforward digital forms and workflows so that nothing is overlooked

mpro5 supports

Implementing your Software for Retail Management & Compliance.

When you book a demo, complete our contact form or call us, we will connect you with our retail business specialists. They will take you through the functions available with our software and ascertain which features and functionality will suit your needs. From here, our team will work with you to configure your platform to your exact specifications. You will have access to your solution within 30 days, at which point we will continue to work with you to optimise your platform and app.

Following this, our subscription service means that your retail management software can grow and change as your business does. Simply get in touch if you would like to add or alter any functions, and we will action your request as soon as possible. In addition, you will have access to our support team, who are on hand to troubleshoot issues and answer questions you may have at any point.

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