mpro5’s Time and Attendance System

One of the main responsibilities of management is to organise work schedules that ensure enough staff are present at peak times and enough people are on hand to complete all daily tasks to the highest standard. 


However, this is a highly convoluted process that takes a considerable amount of time, particularly if the manager is responsible for multiple teams, as an accommodation or transport manager is. This is a complex undertaking in itself, even before you consider legislation over how often staff can work, any annual leave booked and last-minute sick days taken.


mpro5 makes this cumbersome task smoother and quicker, collating all of the information required into one platform so that you can plan in advance or make swift changes when needed. Our staff scheduling platform can be linked with our time and attendance functionality so that, should a team member be late for their shift or not turn up at all, an automatic alert can be sent to you, allowing you to investigate and resolve the issue swiftly, reassigning any work to another team member. 

mpro5’s Time and Attendance System

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Why choose mpro5 for your Time and Attendance Software?

mpro5’s time and attendance software is so much more than a clocking-in app. Additional functionality enables you to monitor how long each employee spends at a specific site, and the job and workflow checklists help management teams build a picture of how long tasks take on average to be completed.  


It may transpire that specific jobs take much longer than scheduled to complete, putting employees under undue stress and pressure. Alternatively, you may discover that particular tasks are being completed much faster than anticipated, allowing you to schedule more work, increasing productivity.  

Why choose mpro5 for your Time and Attendance Software?
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mpro5’s Time and Attendance also allows you to spot shifts in patterns that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. For example, a staff member who has always been punctual has recently arrived late on-site on multiple occasions. This could be considered a red flag, and management could check in with this team member to ensure that everything is OK and offer additional support if necessary. It may be that this particular employee has personal stresses at home, or their mental health is deteriorating; by monitoring clock-in patterns, you gain additional insight into the wellbeing of your team. 


Unlike other off-the-shelf platforms, mpro5 can configure your portal and app to operate in the best way for your operational needs. You can choose from staff members inputting a pin code or NFC, fingerprint or facial recognition to clock in and out, or even limit the employees allowed on-site at any given time, ensuring the health and safety of everybody.  


Automated alerts and escalations can also inform management teams if an employee doesn’t turn up for their shift so that you can take action before your customers or clients notice. When you incorporate our job management features into your platform, you’ll be able to respond to these situations and implement resolutions much more swiftly.  

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