We’ve built mpro5 to ensure it’s relevant and easy to use at every stage of your growth journey, no matter the size of your team or the demands of your industry.

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mpro5 is built with you in mind. At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help you drive productivity, efficiency, continuous compliance and cost-savings for your business. 


Your app and platform will be configured to your needs, drawing from the following native features:



What cost-efficient operations, increased productivity and continuous compliance means for you changes depending on your industry. So we’ve ensured mpro5 is fully configurable to help you drive success while following best practices in workflow and automation in your industry. 

mpro5 enables smart operations including dynamic cleaning and preventative maintenance planning by leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and workflows.

mpro5 is built to offer leaders in transportation — rail and logistics — smart, personalized field service management solutions.

mpro5 lets healthcare providers, like the UK's NHS (National Health Service), streamline operations, evidence compliance and improve quality of service, efficiently.

mpro5 is equipped to help you spot trends, identify pain points, improve processes, protect against litigation and deliver seamless CX.

Continuous food compliance can be a matter of life or death. mpro5 makes continuously compliant food safety and upholding brand standards easy, effective and cost-efficient.

Our smart workflow platform and IoT automation features transform your investment in IoT sensors into actionable data insights.

If you operate in a different industry or would like to discuss a unique application of mpro5 in your business,
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When you choose mpro5, you’re trusting us to put your business needs first. With this in mind, we promise to always deliver our best, support you as partners, be dynamic and flexible, create a personalized solution, and to be friendly and approachable. 


We’d love to understand your business challenges and share how mpro5 could help overcome them. Why not book a demo with our team, to see our promise — and the platform — in action?




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9 Feb 2022

The Three Types of NHS Cleaning Audits Explained | mpro5

Since the long-awaited National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness were published, the mandatory Technical Audit with its new 50 point check has rather stolen the limelight. But the belle of the ball has two ugly sisters, the efficacy audit and the external audit, which are just as crucial to delivering the new standards. 

27 Oct 2021

How to Achieve a 5 Star National Standards for Cleanliness Rating

The new National Standards for Cleanliness have focused trusts’ attention on complying with the crucial 50-point check. But are they seizing this opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their cleaning processes, rather than just treating it as a tick box to get a clean bill of health? Audit scores are about more than compliance, which should be just the start. 

27 Oct 2021

Service Quality Regimes (SQRs) in the Rail Industry Explained

As more details emerge on how the Plan for Rail is going to impact the industry, we speak with Toby Hawkins, Sales Director, about Service Quality Regimes and how they will change rail.

1 Oct 2021

NHS National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness Explained

Many believed it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime but the new National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness are finally here - and only nine years later than promised. Not as long as the film director James Cameron took to make Avatar (15 years if you’re asking) but still quite a wait. 

17 Feb 2022

Four ways remote monitoring (IoT) can transform coffee shops

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have heard about remote monitoring, also known as theInternet of Things (IoT), but you might be wondering “What can it do for me?”So, for starters, here are four ways this technology, coupled with asmart digital solution to make sense of the data, can improve food safety, increase efficiency, enhance your customer experience and boost sales. 

11 Nov 2021

Smart Railway Stations - Why Smart Stations are the Future of Rail

There is still a perception that Smart Stations are a future technology with limited practical benefit. In this article Toby Hawkins, sales director of ‘Software as a Service’ provider mpro5, considers the substantial returns that the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide today when used in stations.