mpro5’s IoT Automation System

Every day, time is needlessly lost carrying out checks and finding that no action is required. These minutes quickly add up to considerable productivity losses throughout the year. IoT (Internet of Things) is available to solve this problem, yet in most IoT systems, only 1% of the data collected is actively utilised. mpro5’s configured platform fully harnesses the power of IoT sensors, collecting their data to automatically generate jobs and workflows, check compliance, and allow you to implement entirely reactive business operations. 


Once an alert has been triggered, the app will generate a task and allocate it to the relevant team member on shift so that action can be taken immediately. Staff members can easily evidence that the job has been completed up to standard and, should any additional jobs be required, generate a follow-up task using the app. Whether for your cleaning staff, maintenance team or the health and safety of individuals on-site, mpro5’s configurable platform and app can increase productivity and reduce time wastage.

mpro5’s IoT Automation System

Why choose mpro5 as your IoT Provider?

Your mpro5 platform can incorporate your existing suite of IoT sensors to utilise the data already being captured, or our team can work alongside you to source the best sensors for your site and requirements. From here, we can set up bespoke sensor rules that trigger actions when an action occurs, or a defined parameter is exceeded or not reached, such as:

  • Water pipe temperatures falling or increasing.
  • Fridge and freezer temperatures rising.
  • Door sensors on bathrooms for reactive cleaning.
  • C02 levels rising.
  • Air temperature increases suggesting a fault in the air con unit.
  • Footfall and facemask monitoring for security and crowd control.
  • And more.
Why choose mpro5 as your IoT Provider?
mpro5 triggers further alerts and generates tasks

Checklists and documentation can be digitised so that significant process changes aren’t necessary. The checks available through the app can be set to specific teams, so time isn’t wasted scrolling through redundant tasks that aren’t relevant to a particular team member.


The information the system collects can automatically generate reports using data that really matters to the business. By setting specific KPIs, vanity metrics are removed, and the data can be sent to business owners or stakeholders whenever requested at the click of a button.

mpro5 triggers further alerts and generates tasks if checks are not carried out to par. If a team member finds additional faults, they can use photographic evidence to create a job for the relevant person to come and resolve the issue.


These features offer considerable time savings and not just for on the ground staff. With all the live information required available through the platform, managers will no longer have to schedule manual checks or spend time ascertaining whether a task was completed up to standard.  

Checklists and documentation can be digitised so that significant process changes aren’t necessary.

Implementing your IoT Management System

When you request a demo with us, we will connect you with one of our Consultants, who are experienced in helping businesses make the most out of their current IoT sensor technology and ascertaining which sensors will work best for specific operations. This conversation allows our team to offer insights and advice that will make a real difference to your company.

During the demo, we will explain the many features and functions available through mpro5 and how you can harness these to improve processes and workflows. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to bring up any pain points your business is currently grappling with, so that we can demonstrate specific functionalities that address these challenges. If we find that our IoT management software is unable to resolve a particular issue, our team will work with you to create a solution that does. 

Because our platform and app are configured to your specifications, we can tell our team not to implement specific functionality if it isn’t relevant to your operations, because this is a platform built around your business. 

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