Leveraging TP and SQRs

Train Presentation (TP) is a crucial aspect of any rail franchise’s operations. How clean the train is affects the passenger experience significantly and will be a cornerstone of the new Service Quality Regimes (SQRs). 


Northern Trains have leveraged our platform to drastically improve the presentation of all their trains. This has helped to drive their SQR scores up. TP encompasses all aspects of cleaning including seats, floors, touch points and brightwork, as well as making sure the bins are emptied and that the toilets are clean and hygienic to use.


Covid has also made it necessary to disinfect all touch points regularly. Staff use their devices to follow instructions, record their work and conduct audits via the mpro5 app. This data is captured in real-time and sent straight to their cloud-based platform. The platform automates remedial actions and collates data in a structured way that makes it easy to create reports, identify pain points and drive improvements


“Since using mpro5 we have enjoyed productivity gains of up to 25%, with no drop off in quality of service.” Joanna Simmons, Head of Train Presentation


Jobs and data collection have been intrinsically linked by using workflows to carry out train cleans. This fully joined-up system stops things falling through the cracks and ensures staff carry out all their duties. TP has been improved by a large degree and consequently pushed an uplift in Northern’s SQR scores. 


Real visibility of their data has empowered management to spot trends and change cultural behaviour. Data is now used proactively to improve their processes rather than simply passively recording compliance. 


A digitised process has also made a real difference for TP teams on the ground. It makes their daily tasks easier and helps to raise the profile of their work. It allows them to prove what a good job they’re doing and prevents them from feeling like the easy scapegoat when customers complain about cleanliness. It also gives them the data – and the voice – to request extra support from their managers when they need it.


A TP team might have just a few minutes to achieve an acceptable clean. The number of people in a team or the amount of time a carriage is available can vary massively, which makes delivering a consistent result exceedingly difficult. 


Northern often had to take customer accusations of uncleanliness at face value because they had no unquestionable evidence of work carried out. 


The franchise was using a paper system to record their TP processes. Unreliable, inefficient and ineffectual, this system was barely held together by manual intervention. There was no accurate record of tasks carried out and it was impossible to make real improvements because there was no useful data to inform management on how to best deploy their resources. 


They lacked visibility of cleaning processes and had no real feedback mechanism for performance. Data was being gathered but it was not reliable, to the point that it became completely untrustworthy, causing further conflict inside the business. This is made even more challenging by the lack of control – a toilet could be cleaned and then used as soon as the train leaves the platform, and the cleaners could then be blamed for not having cleaned the toilet.



We configured Northern’s mpro5 platform to help them carry out their cleaning and maintenance procedures. Jobs are carried out using the app every step of the way, and workers can raise alerts that trigger remedial actions. The data collected by staff completing jobs can also trigger remedial actions, and this is all fed into the platform to provide actionable data. Managers can monitor this using dynamic data visuals that give them useful, granular detail to make meaningful decisions to improve their train presentation. 


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