A Cutting Edge SQR Solution

Railway reform is steaming ahead across the UK, with a new emphasis on the customer experience, measured through Service Quality Regimes (SQRs). 


These new standards will measure the whole passenger experience from station to carriage. Checking cleanliness, lighting and up to date signage amongst other things is essential to delivering a customer experience that makes people want to take the train. 


Northern Trains are the first franchise to adopt this system and having a fully digital, smart compliance platform alongside them has made this possible. Auditors and operational staff at Northern use their devices to follow instructions, record their work and conduct audits via the mpro5 app.


“mpro5 delivers effortless compliance with our SQ Regime with backup, service and support that never lets us down. Through Covid, changes in routines and schedules and even staffing challenges, mpro5 are always there on the end of the phone to help us through.” Laura McLaughlin, Service Quality Manager


Northern are free of the burden of a redundant software solution, with a new fully digital system for carrying out work and tracking the progress of jobs. 


Saved man hours and increased efficiency have empowered staff to deliver the best customer experience possible. Northern have restored trust in the SQR data they provide to Rail North Partnership (RNP) and have since been able to make a marked improvement on these scores. 


Devices capture data in real-time and send it to the configured platform, which automates remedial actions and re-inspections, collating all this data in a structured way that makes compliance with the regime, mandated by the DfT, effortless. More importantly, it allows management to easily identify pain points and areas for improvement.


A sub-par software solution was causing Northern more headaches than it was solving. Their SQR solution was missing key functionality, lacked flexibility and, crucially, was unable to deliver accurate scoring to RNP. 


As a result of this, Northern were struggling to deliver on their committed obligations within their franchise agreement with RNP, which was causing a great deal of strain with stakeholders. No meaningful data was available without a huge amount of manual intervention and compliance reporting was cumbersome and time consuming. Worst of all, the data was no longer trustworthy, causing further conflict within the business and external stakeholders.



We configured Northern’s platform to deliver a seamless, easy to use interface for the auditing team that delivers against all the SQ Regime committed obligations for RNP and internal stakeholders. Every fault is automatically reported out to the relevant contractor or internal teams for resolution, with evidence provided against the original fault. Tags are installed in every carriage in the fleet so that staff can tap-in and easily confirm the carriage they are auditing at that time. Monitoring SLAs, the platform automatically triggers escalations to avoid breaches. Every step of the process is logged, reported, and visualised for management and stakeholders using interactive live dashboards.


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