22 Oct 2019

Spreadsheets: your business can break free


Spreadsheets are great to keep track of static data as well as personal finances, budgets and so on. They can do some really smart calculations and quickly generate your figures…but, they simply aren’t maintainable for logging and tracking operations like cleaning, auditing and deliveries.


Demoralising data entry

Entering each data item such as a delivery completed, or an audit score is super time consuming. Those on the job are unlikely to have the time to do it there and then. Therefore, someone in back office has to copy them into Excel at a later time. This is really slow, mundane and demoralising. Moreover, delegating the data entry to a team rather than an individual can lead to multiple people editing the same document in the cloud. While this is useful for collaboration, it’s difficult when trying to edit the same row/column. In addition, it’s likely someone will download the spreadsheet locally and forget to share their changes.


Spreadsheets limit visualisation

Excel can generate a host of charts like pie charts and histograms. But, do these really give you the best, most interactive overview of your business? Unfortunately not. Generating the right chart can also take a lot of thought and effort.


Difficulty creating comprehensive overviews

With the amount of data you’re collecting, likelihood is you’ll end up with one cumbersome spreadsheet. If not, then your file system will look something like “audits_2018.xls”, “audits_2017.xls”, “audits_2016.xls” and so on. Therefore, comparing performance across years is going to be both tricky and time-consuming. The same might go for correlating data across departments. How are you going to learn where to drive improvements if you can’t have one overview of business operations? Plus, preparing to present the data to the rest of your business can then end up being a real slog.

For many mpro5 customers before they found us, reliance on spreadsheets (solely, or as part of a wider IT setup) was heavy. Keeping the sheets up to date was distracting from other work. Plus, issues of the day were often only noticed upon data entry or upon creation of manual reports. The time lag between a bad audit score and a reaction were ever-increasing. They simply couldn’t keep up with the amount of data collected, and pulling together reports took days and weeks.


mpro5 can help

With mpro5, the data captured by a team of e.g. cleaners or delivery drivers on their phone or tablet automatically generates all the reporting, alerting and visualisation for business needs. No more back office data entry and no more typing reports. A quick click can take you into your business’ portal to view interactive dashboards. Here, compare regional performance, year-on-year results and.. well, anything you need to see or present. We’ll enable you to get the business intelligence you need to improve and grow your business.


If you are interested in implementing mpro5 within your business, get in touch with one of our mpro5 consultants to book a Demo to discuss your requirements.




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