17 May 2023

Sky Protect - Why IoT is coming to your home


Sky have always been a media company willing to push the proverbial boat out into the glittering digital seas of new consumer technology - and Sky Protect is their newest and most interesting vessel.

It's a simple and sensible proposition: home insurance that comes with your own suite of smart sensors and cameras. At no additional cost, you get £250 worth of tech, including a video door bell, indoor camera, motion and contact sensors, and leak detection sensors.

It even comes with an app to run all the devices and monitor data from.

So why are we talking about this? 

Because it shows that the perception of IoT has changed to such an extent that it's value is clear even for the B2C market.


What role does IoT have in the home?

In short, it's insight and data that drives action, improves understanding of spaces and reduces risks.

Sky describe the purpose of each sensor or camera perfectly: whether it's the doorbell camera or the movement sensor, these devices bring you closer to critical conditions in a space.

In this instance it allows customers to watch their house wherever they are, and then take action if needed.

The product provides peace of mind, and the app will alert users if the bath is overflowing, someone has opened your back door in the middle of the day, or the delivery driver has left your package in the open.


What can we learn from this for the Facilities sector?

Smart sensors and cameras can be used by Facilities Managers to right-size their resources by understanding sensor data and adapting their schedules accordingly.

But the biggest ROI comes from automating decision making: all of that process logic required to respond to changes in demand or problems, and the actual assigning of tasks to the relevant staff. 


Conclusion: This is just the beginning

Sky are often the first to the party, and in this case they certainly won't be the last. IoT's value is clear, whether you're a concerned home owner or a facilities manager. 




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