30 Mar 2022

Six must-haves for your TOC


Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in the rail industry right now. And train operating companies (TOCs) are waking up to just how much time and money it can save them.

Most digital workflow tools, however, are too rigid and narrow in focus to handle all the complex processes and fast-changing needs of a typical rail company.

mpro5 is different. It’s powerful and flexible enough to handle your TOC’s full digital transformation – and make it truly transformative.

Here are six essential features that set it apart when considering your move to a digital tool.


1. Endless customisation

Most workflow management tools in the rail space offer single, off-the-shelf solutions.


They’re inflexible and difficult to modify. Once you’ve created a process, you’re stuck with it – unless you’re prepared to pay extra and wait.

This is no good for TOCs, since their operations are highly specialised and subject to change at any moment. They need the freedom to modify.

mpro5 allows you to customise around your business’s needs and configure everything specifically towards your pain points.

What’s more, if you need to modify your set-up for any reason, you can have the changes made quickly and easily. For no extra cost.


2. Ability to integrate with anything

Successful digital transformation relies on tools being able to connect and communicate seamlessly with one another.

Many workflow solutions in the rail space, however, are difficult to integrate with other systems. And they can only collect data from their own sources.

mpro5, on the other hand, plugs easily into all your existing tools and systems – including IoT sensors.

This allows you to pull data from across your TOC into one central hub. In turn, this gives you powerful insight into everything that’s happening in your business, now and further down the line.


3. Analytics that mean much more

Analytics and reporting is where many digital workflow tools fall short. The quantity of data they produce may be high, but the quality of analysis is often low and generic, with users left to figure things out for themselves.


mpro5 makes your data make sense. From team managers right up to board members, everyone can have a customised dashboard that presents the data that matters to them.

An operations manager, for instance, might need to know exactly how many bins were emptied on a particular day. Whereas a director only needs the bigger picture – did we pass all our audits or not?

With mpro5, you see only the data that’s important to you, in the exact level of detail you need.


4. Rock-solid evidence for the auditors

The Williams-Shapps report – and the reforms that come with it – means your TOC’s revenue will soon be linked to its performance in service-quality audits.

This will inevitably create disputes. For example, if you fail an audit based on a customer complaint – but your staff insist they were not at fault – who are the authorities to believe?

With mpro5, all service-quality tasks and remedial actions are logged and stored in the cloud. Activity is timestamped and linked to a user. And there’s detailed evidence for everything, including photos, video footage, and even QR scan records for specific locations.

This creates a digital ‘paper trail’ that’s easy to access and share with auditors. It eliminates the ‘he said, she said’ element from disputes, giving you irrefutable evidence of your team’s actions. And it helps ensure you pass your audits – and get paid by the DfT

5. Ease of adoption and usability

It’s all well and good rolling out a shiny new digital tool. But if it comes with a 200-page manual and takes weeks to learn, your teams will never embrace it – and you’ll never get the buy-in you need.

Users should be able to pick up a tool and intuitively know what to do with it. Much like they would if they were using a new social media platform for the first time.

mpro5 is simple enough to use with minimal training, which helps maximise adoption rates and ensure it reaches its full, transformative potential for your business.

6. Support that goes further

If something goes wrong, or you need to modify your set-up at short notice, it’s crucial to know you can get the help you need quickly and efficiently.

rail-ipadSupport for some digital workflow tools, however, can be slow, unresponsive and inadequate for the needs of a TOC.

Not so with mpro5. We understand the fast-moving, ever-changing landscape of the rail industry. And our support reflects that.

You can count on swift, reliable help from a team of experts – whether it’s technical troubleshooting, change requests or implementation of new features.

And we keep you updated on progress at all stages – giving you peace of mind that everything is in hand.


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