21 Dec 2020

How mpro5 can help your business save time, money and trees with a paperless office


Sure, you’ve heard the argument for saving trees by going paperless, but is a tree’s life really worth scuppering a system that has been working well and that everyone understands?

Well, what if we told you that going paperless could save your business £33,000 per year? Read on; we are sure we can change your mind towards a paperless office.


What do you mean by paperless office?

In its simplest form, a paperless office is a working environment that strives to use as little paper as possible, instead, opting for digital processes. Making use of online apps presently and into the future, known as digitisation, preserves the environment, reduces costs and increases fieldwork efficiency.

A fully office-based business can adopt document management systems to achieve a paperless office. But, for businesses with field teams, a paperless office strategy starts outside the office by replacing paper forms with a Mobile Workforce app. The app allows field teams to record work, photos and signatures digitally and syncs back to the cloud. Management reporting can then become digital and automated, with office teams no longer needing to gather, print and store paperwork.


How much does going paperless save?

Going paperless can save businesses £33,000 every year, and many entities see a return on their paperless investment in under 18 months. But savings extend to much more than pennies and pounds. Below, we break down the different types of savings you can expect from implementing a paperless office strategy.


How a paperless office strategy saves money

You might not think that a couple of sheets of paper wastage matters, you have far more important things on your mind. However, the costs can quickly stack up. Every employee uses twenty reams of paper annually, costing your business £40 every year per employee; and 50% of annual business waste is paper. So you can quickly calculate how much a paper office and paper waste is costing you.

And that’s without taking into account the additional costs of printer ink and toner. Our research shows that if your business is earning a revenue of £10,000,000, you will be spending between £10,000-£300,000 on printing alone.

On top of these costs, there are printer running and maintenance costs to consider. Medium-sized businesses are spending an average of £148 per staff-member.

Moving to paperless operations and a paperless office may have initially seemed like more time, effort and money than it’s worth. But as you can see, you are likely spending more money on maintaining your old processes than it would cost to invest in a paperless office strategy.

Rather than spend your money on printing and storing paper forms,  , they can be set up digitally and delivered to field teams on the Mobile Workforce App. Management reports from the completed forms become instantly accessible in the cloud by anyone in your company who needs them.


How a paperless office strategy saves time

Not only are you spending money on the physical aspects of a paper office strategy, but you are also spending money on employee time wasted on paper-related activities.

The cost of searching for a lost document is approximately £74. Therefore, businesses with extensive historical records can expect to be losing a considerable amount of money through the simple task of searching to find a correct document. These costs can also be expected to increase when a new employee is onboarded, as they will be getting used to the system.

For those who operate with a mobile workforce, additional time will be spent filling out required documentation, especially if it can only be completed once they return to the office. Team members who can complete their documentation out in the field will still have to physically bring the document back to the office and organise it in the correct filing and storage space.

mpro5 is tailored to your exact requirements on an ongoing basis by the mpro5 team. . Not only does it make digitising and enhancing your paper forms a quick and straightforward activity, but it will also:

  • Schedule field teams automatically or let office staff do so easily.
  • Create reports for proof of work and compliance.
  • Provide complete visibility of operations and KPIs.

And more.


How a paperless office strategy saves trees

We couldn’t talk about the benefits of moving to paperless operations and a paperless office without discussing the impact on our environment. The entire world is becoming more and more concerned with environmental sustainability, and a corporation’s approach and actions on the subject could play a significant role in your customers or potential customer’s perception of you.

When you think of how much paper is wasted every year compared with how many sheets of paper that can be sourced from a tree, the environmental impact becomes a much more severe issue.

Digitisation not only saves your business time and money, but it can also improve your brand’s reputation in regards to environmental sustainability.

mpro5 is an excellent choice when moving to paperless operations and a paperless office, not only because of the fully customisable and time-saving features; but because it operates on a subscription platform, it will evolve alongside your business. That means that the software will still be effective years down the line, making the investment more than worthwhile.




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