28 Aug 2019

Delivering newspapers using mpro5


Delivering newspapers is no mean feat in London. We know as we help deliver newspapers with The Metro and The Standard. The goal is to make sure customers can get a newspaper whenever they want one. This means stocking and restocking racks with mpro5 tags. The delivery guys scan our tag, then take photos of the rack with (and without) papers. Those photos are evidence of delivery. Advertisers need delivery guarantees to make sure that as many people as possible see the names of Sky, BT, Virgin and so on.


In this age of technology, many of us still love a physical newspaper. Especially The Metro in the mornings to catch up on the headlines. Plus, who can resist a crossword to get the brain whirring? Readership of The Metro is massive and has increased further since using mpro5. We have also learned an interesting fact from our work with Arriva Rail Northern (ARN). Train Presentation teams leave copies of newspapers on the train during their turnaround cleans. This means that the train is ‘clean’ even when there are newspapers on the tables or chairs. This increases availability to readers as those who didn’t pick one up at the station can find one on the train instead. Handy!


So, next time you’re in London at a train or tube station, take a look at the blue Metro racks to spot the mpro5 tag. If you can’t find one, it’ll be a large station where Metros are dropped at the back entrance. If you find yourself on a train out of London, see if the Train Presentation team have deliberately left any papers on the train for you to pick up from your seat. And go on… nail that fiendish crossword!


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