26 Sep 2019

mpro5 at The Things Conference UK


mpro5 are pleased to be a gold sponsor of this year’s The Things Network Conference UK in reading. If you’re interested in attending an Internet of Things event, this is a great one to go to. Plus, there’s great talks in store from the likes of Microsoft.

Meet and Network with members of The Things Network Community and the Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Public Sector Organisations, Research & Higher Education Institutes and Businesses leveraging this emerging technology.


Why are we there?

mpro5 with IoT leverages The Things Network to connect sensors via LoRaWAN to the cloud. mpro5 are an integrator in the world of IoT – we can help businesses get value from sensors. Critically, in the IoT world email alerts and dashboards are not necessarily enough to generate ROI from sensors. Therefore, mpro5 with IoT gives businesses the power of reactive schedules for cleaning, security, maintenance, catering and more. As a result, someone can be sent a job to get done (on a phone or tablet) when and only when the sensor tells them to.


Our Stand

We’ll show how sensor readings can automatically trigger jobs within the mpro5 app. Additionally, the jobs will have sample workflow, SLAs (and more) attached.

On the stand, we’ll have example sensors we have worked with so far. We’ll also have tablets running the mpro5 app, receiving live jobs. In addition, the jobs will have example workflows attached to demonstrate triggering corrective actions and followup.  Furthermore, you’ll see some of our interactive dashboards representing smart offices and smart supermarkets. Plus, the mpro5 team will be there discuss how mpro5 can help achieve real value from IoT.


Learn about business benefits

By adopting reactive job scheduling, businesses can achieve time and cost savings by only sending staff to perform a job or check when needed. mpro5 with IoT also drives customer experience in the form of more pleasant/clean/secure facilities e.g. the toilets are cleaned more often when there has been higher washroom footfall.

There’s also great benefit in mpro5’s automatic reporting, alerting, management dashboards and more. These features eliminate paper, allow quicker business decisions and unlock array of further time/money savings.


Tickets and attending

The event is on the 14th and 15th of October. A one day ticket is £50 and a two day ticket is £80. You can book tickets here. https://thethingsconference.uk/. Look for the purple stand and you’ll find us!

We’re also demoing mpro5 with IoT at another Internet of Things event: O2 Blue Door event.




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