28 Sep 2020

mpro5: New web portal release launching


The mpro5 masterminds have been working hard to make even more improvements and enhancements to your mpro5 web portal. Using a mixture of innovation, customer feedback and our own expertise to deliver the developments that matter to you, our latest website release brings with it a number of new updates, including 166 NEW features and enhancements, as well as some key bug fixes.

Here’s some of the best bits you can look forward to seeing:

We’ve made it even easier to access customer and site information within mpro5. Use the simple new tab layout to easily select what you need from the new tab bar. You can now focus on the information that is important to you and quickly navigate past areas of the system that you don’t need, and in-place edit allows you to update information as you go.


Create ‘Patrols’ via your powerful mpro5 scheduling engine. Patrols are jobs that recur on a daily basis at set times, such as checking an area of a building every hour between 9:30am and 5:30pm. You can now manage your patrols directly from your mpro5 website using the sleek new system.Based on user feedback we’ve made it easier than ever to reset passwords, communicate these to users and ensure that password policy is adhered to.


You can also ensure that users reset the password again, the moment they log in.Use the web client to now configure categories to group your options into. This is incredibly powerful for presenting a list where the items are related to each other. A good example would be to create a list of car manufacturers, then a list of the car models, then a list of the car variants.


Using the categories enables your users to be guided to make the right selection from potentially 1,000s of options, making a more intuitive system that is easy for the user. mpro5 can now send automated alerts based on changes being made to Job Notes and Quotes. Alerts can include email and SMS, which are triggered when these elements are created or updated. mpro5 now supports a plethora of Bluetooth devices out of the box that use the BLE framework. Need to connect your Bluetooth temperature probes to mpro5? We just need to know a few details to configure it all for you. Simple!


If you would like to find out more about these features, please get in touch. Keep an eye on the mpro5.com blog for information about future web and mobile releases.

For any further information about using the features in this release, please don’t hesitate to email support@crimsontide.co.uk.




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