11 Dec 2019

mpro5: New web portal release


This new mpro5 web portal release is coming very soon. We are always working to improve the web portal in terms of design, flow and features. In fact, the changes and tweaks we have made for this particular release total over 100! The headline features are the design overhaul of the ‘CRM’ area, as well as the ability to link to your single sign on system.

The Customer Relationship Management section of your mpro5 portal has a major overhaul! Whether your mpro5 system uses a traditional customer structure, or categorises information in another way… get ready for a brand new experience for managing your information. We’ve improved the User Interface in order to help save time. We hope you’ll find your information is easier to browse and update, with context in mind.

  • Brand new tabbed and colour-coded layout.
  • Navigate between information with ease and speed.
  • Easily view completed work in context.
  • Edit information quickly and easily with inline edit and popups.


We prioritise making adoption of mpro5 easy in a way that merges into your business’ culture. Single Sign On is now a common way for teams to easily log in to systems with one set of details. Therefore, this web release features the foundations upon which we can link in with your single sign on system*. We are pleased to say that we have already set single sign on up for several customers.

  • Hooray, fewer usernames and passwords to remember!
  • Please get in touch to enquire.
  • (*) on the web portal, mobile single sign on is on the way – stay tuned.


Permissions are important to limit user activity. It’s always important to decide whether each of your teams should be able to update information. So, you can now allow web users to have a read-only view of the job planner. Therefore, they’ll be able to see jobs, without changing their information. As a result, there’s better protection for jobs and schedules from unwanted changes.

  • Set a web user’s permissions to read-only on the job planner.
  • Allow others, perhaps super-users, to have edit permissions.
  • As a result, achieve better control over users’ actions.


We like to make you feel in control of your users, and for your users to have a smooth experience. We have improved the way you can manage everyone’s passwords from your portal. As always, if you need any help with this our support desk is on-hand to help.

  • Reset mobile users’ passwords from the portal and use ‘forgot password’ for your own portal login.
  • Easily update passwords to make them more secure.
  • Quickly reset forgotten passwords.


If you would like to find out more about these features, please get in touch. Keep an eye on the mpro5.com blog for information about future web and mobile releases.

For any further information about using the features in this release, please don’t hesitate to email support@crimsontide.co.uk.




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