8 Sep 2022



In this week's Meet the Team, we talk to Jamie Morgan about dedication to customers, empowering users and his favourite film - which is more or less about running and shrimps...

Hi Jamie, could you start by telling us what your role is at mpro5? 

Hi, I am Head of Support and IT, which is two separate functions really. The first part involves managing support team and making sure we are looking after our customers. The second part of my job is setting up our internal IT and making sure it all runs smoothly. 


Could you tell us a little about your background? 

I’ve been in IT support for ten years now, working in software houses and for an FM company. Technology is always moving forwards and the support side of IT has changed so much in that time.  

The pandemic has pushed remote working and remote support to the forefront. Cloud based working has also really taken off, which is great because it means less hardware to manage! It’s also made systems far more flexible and adaptable. 


And how has your role at mpro5 changed? 

That’s very different too: I started off working as a Tier 1 support analyst, learnt about assets and started doing some configuration, so I went into Tier 2. I learnt a lot about MDM (mobile device management) in this period, before moving into my leadership role, but I’m still learning every day. 


What are some of the challenges of providing support to our customers? 

Because mpro5 is used in so many different industries and virtually no deployment is the same, it takes a lot of time to get used to the terminology and the structure that every customer uses. You could be on a phone call one minute thinking in terms of trains and carriages if it’s Rail, and the next call could be about sites and customers for a customer working in FM. 

All these things come down to knowledge and experience, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of every customer’s setup, so you’ve got to be open to learning new ways of doing things. 


What, in your opinion, makes our service unique? 

I think the fact that we offer scoping, support, configuration and this is all ongoing as part the subscription package. We don’t fire and forget – we always offer advice on how best to approach problems.  

Again, it comes down to our knowledge of the system – sometimes we can fix it straight away, but if it’s more complicated, configuration can support us to give the user what they need. 


What excites you most about your job? 

It’s incredibly satisfying when you make a customer’s day by solving their problem. Explaining how the platform works, helping them understand what caused the problem and showing them how you will fix it makes all the difference. 

A lot of our job is about educating end users, and it takes time and experience for them to really build confidence, but you know it’s worked when they start solving problems for themselves. 


Finally, what’s your favourite film? 

I’ve got tons of films I like and nearly as many TV shows, but Forrest Gump is one I just can’t resist – what an epic!  






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