20 Oct 2022

Meet the Team - George Budden


We sit down with Tier 1 Support Analyst George Budden to discuss his role in supporting customers, and why mpro5's service and support stands out from your typical SaaS offering...


Hi George, could you kick off by telling us what your role is? 

Hello, I’m a Tier One Support Analyst. 


And what was your background before coming to mpro5? 

I've been involved with projects around compliance as a KYC Officer and a GDPR admin, but predominantly I've worked in customer services. 


Can you give us an idea of what your day-to-day is like at the moment? 

I speak to customers all day every day, trying to help them as much as possible. End users are the ones collecting all the critical business data, so I’m there to help them with problems or escalate the issue if I need additional support. 

It could be anything from problems with importing data to a simple password reset.


What would you say are some of the challenges of providing service for mpro5 customers? 

A lot of the challenges come from communication. We advise our customers on best practice in a huge range of industries and use cases, but it’s always about helping them to achieve what they want out of the platform. 

Ultimately, we want to help them to help themselves, so we try to educate them on the platform while listening to their pain point and coming up with a solution. 

The other challenge is data integrity, making sure data sets are correct, concise and properly set-up – it's one of the most common causes of problems and it’s something I look at most days. 


Having worked in a few different customer service roles, what would you say makes our service stand out? 

In most places I’ve worked, you're often not really serving the customer so much as you’re saying, “We’re sorry but we just don’t, can’t or won’t do that for you.”, but here we have far more flexibility to offer solutions or configure the platform to help the user. 

We have the capacity to meet almost any problem the customer might have, and we approach problems with an open mind. Even if it’s something we can’t immediately fix or configure, we will look at custom development, or adding a new standard feature to the platform: this is what makes our service unique. 

We never just turn the customer away. 


And finally, what’s your favourite film? 

You can’t go wrong with Gladiator! 





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