28 Aug 2019

IoT, the Internet of Things - a short take


Take sensors, you know, temperature sensors (like in your fridge) or CO2 sensors (like that one in the bedroom). Get them to “talk” over WiFi… no, not that WiFi, because there are a gazillion of these things in the Internet of Things. No, over Low Power Wifi. The battery lasts for years and the network (The Things Network is our choice) can cope with a Gazillion (stop saying a gazillion, Ed) packets of data (that’s bits of info) .

Now, you can gather all the data from the sensor, temperature, movement, humidity and DO stuff with it. You can send an automatic email, a phone notification, a text to people that will fix stuff, do stuff or order more stuff. No need to send people out to monitor something that a sensor can do instead! A tap on the app now let’s you check the readings right now, and before.

Think, it makes sense to send out a security team when there’s loads of people going through Heathrow Airport. Let’s make sure the security team have the instructions to reroute people to less busy areas. In fact, lets use maps and graphs to learn when the Airport is most busy. While we’re at it, we should send someone to answer some questions when any of the fire doors are used when they shouldn’t be.

Think, how about we send a cleaner every 20 times a loo door opens? We’ll then make sure to get them to replace the soap in the dispenser when it’s empty. But let’s also pull the cleaners out when the toilets are in a sudden busy patch… the cleaners will get in the way!


Reactive cleaning

So sure, you can stick to regular cleaning schedules… we’ve all seen those bits of paper on the back of the bathroom door. But to check who’s done what when, you’ll have to trek to the toilet and check the date and signature. Let’s be honest, this doesn’t let us know much about what was done during the clean. Also, maybe a clean took place and only one person had used the toilet since the last clean. What a waste! Let’s think about customer satisfaction too. If hourly cleans are always at the top of the hour, I might use the toilet at 9.30am, after a rush of use by commuters… and it’s a mess!

OR… mpro5 with IoT can push tasks down to cleaners’ phones automatically when the toilet has had lots of people go in. Hello reactive schedules! The job has all the questions they need to evidence and timestamp their cleaning. They can take before and after photos and report back on which equipment they are missing. One tap lets them raise a maintenance request on-the-fly if something’s broken. No need to separately raise a job for maintenance, mpro5 does it all automatically. Contact us for more.

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