15 Mar 2022

Smart Technology & Transforming Customers' Retail Experience


Imagine walking into a store and seeing a mess in the front display units: Shelves are disorganised, stock low and a prior customer abandoned their half-full shopping cart. Is this a one-off mess or something the store regularly faces? When it comes to the customer experience, little things can quickly add up to a negative perception.

Who is responsible for ensuring this mess is cleaned up? Unless it is specifically scheduled on an employee’s to-do list, the task might fall to the manager, or go unnoticed.

With supply chain issues impacting stock and the “Great Resignation” impacting staffing, everything else needs to go smoothly for retailers. To create satisfied, loyal customers, stores must ensure that their day-to-day processes are completed seamlessly. That means arming employees with the tools they need to accomplish these tasks.

AdobeStock_101806620 (1) (1)-jpeg-minRead more about how retailers can create a smooth experience for customers in our latest RIS News article.

There are several steps retailers can take to provide the best possible experience for their customers: 

  • Ensure correct staffing for every department on every shift
  • Focus the team on the complete environment, not just the task in front of them
  • Understand all the mandates with which the business needs to comply
  • Have the right systems in place to manage and automate tasks
  • Leverage the valuable data you could be collecting

Shoppers are returning to physical stores as the world emerges from COVID, and retailers need to provide clean, well-organised and safe spaces to shop. With the right tools in place to manage and automate retail workflows — from cleaning bathrooms to cleaning up a surprise spill — retailers can take big steps toward giving shoppers that five-star experience they crave. And with the data collected from these workflows, retailers can ensure that experience is repeatable and grows stronger over time.





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