1 Mar 2022

Customer Spotlight: Goodwater | mpro5


We sat down with Chris King, Operations Director and Co-Owner of Goodwater, to discuss how mpro5 has improved their service and efficiency. Goodwater provide water treatment and water hygiene services, as well as supplying and servicing water treatment equipment on new builds and retro-fit projects. 

“In 2017 after a company restructure I became Operations Director, and one of the first things on my to do list was digitising our engineers’ service visit reports.  

customer-spotlight1-min“We needed accurate and real-time reports that had the key data and information for us to understand how the job went and to meet the needs of our customers, and that’s where mpro5 came in.”  

“The more we used mpro5 the more we realised what we could do with it. 

“Now there’s no paperwork lying around half-finished in engineers’ vans or not filled in properly. It’s really sped things up and we’re all used to it now, but I think people here would be shocked by how slow and inconsistent having paper really was if we were to go back to it tomorrow. 

“We can upload photos and send reports to our customers to show them what we’ve done - it’s improved the consistency and quality of our service and helped us meet the gold standard. 

“It’s made some normally pretty time-consuming processes fast and easy for us, like sending off water samples to the laboratory for testing. This used to involve lots of duplicated data entry and paperwork for the engineers, operations team and lab staff. But now, we can scan barcodes and send them off in bulk with the right information and no errors – a much smoother process than we ever had before. 

“The support team has been incredibly helpful at every step of the process, and working with them to create new forms or edit old ones has been very useful. And, over time, we found many more uses for mpro5, including warehouse and vehicle safety checks, stock takes, time sheets – all of which have streamlined our procedures and saved us time.  

He added, “In our business we work with end-users and facilities maintenance companies and every company involved in the chain needs to be on point with their delivery and service, so we need software that just works quickly and efficiently and allows us to do the job properly. 

“For us, mpro5 is that software.”

- Chris King, Co-Owner at www.goodwater.co.uk




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