28 Jul 2022



For this customer spotlight we sat down with Stuart Vidler, Head of QHSE at contract caterers Aspens, to find how they use our platform and the impact it’s had on their business… 


“At Aspens we specialise in providing food for schools, and one of our biggest challenges is compliance. Making sure we meet the expected standards, and monitoring and reporting on this data to identify problems is critical to our business and the safety of our customers.  

“This includes everything from recording deliveries to checking food temperatures, fridge and freezer temperatures and other health and safety best practice."


Going Paperless 

“Before using mpro5, this was all done on paper using traditional logbooks. The problem with this became more apparent as Aspens grew in size, we were approaching compliance reactively and this simply isn’t good enough – we needed to be on top of problems and aware of our compliance levels before things went wrong, not after. 


"The onboarding process was painless, which is remarkable given the scope of the project."


We were also keen to improve our sustainability and environmental record, and that’s when we decided to go with mpro5.” 


Smart Compliance

“The onboarding process was painless, which is remarkable given the scope of the project. The mpro5 team have reacted to new requests quickly and exceeded our needs. We’ve gradually rolled digital logbooks out across our schools and when we have fully bedded this in, we will be looking at additional areas of the business. 

We would like to cover all compliance in the future and also automate some processes off the back of answers in logbooks, such as remedial actions being pushed out for a question fail.

Having real visibility of our compliance for the first time has transformed operations for us – we can now proactively look at improving compliance and continuing to deliver for our customers.”




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