4 Apr 2020

The business benefits of Digital Transformation


Although a broad term, Digital Transformation is the process of your business going through the journey of changing its paper-based processes into digital ones. Digital Transformation can involve many different technologies including job and workflow scheduling, digital time and attendance as well as implementing Internet of Things sensors to replace manual processes.

It’s an opportunity for your business to operate more efficiently, enable smoother collaboration and create more business opportunities in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Digital Transformation is a mindset that keeps your business up to speed with the latest technology, with ever increasing focus on Cloud-based technology. Over time, the fundamental changes deliver seamless efficiency to your clients and improve the culture within your business too.


What are the business benefits of Digital Transformation?

Reducing Costs

The primary focus and main business benefit of Digital Transformation is to invest in scalable applications that accommodate and support the future growth of a modern experience. Implementing Digital Transformation benefits your business by means of reducing the expenditure of paper-based processes or incumbent business systems. This in turn, frees up parts of your organisation’s budget that can be reinvested into other areas of your business.


Simplify your business processes

Complicated and historic business processes and procedures slow your business down. One of the main benefits of Digital Transformation is that it makes business processes much more streamlined. Imagine a team member having to report into a location to collect a paper form, completing it in the field and having to return to base. This process can be streamlined, automated and repeated, saving time, cost and motivating staff.


Data driven insights and reports

Another benefit of Digital Transformation is that it can help you make important business decisions based on real-time data reports and insights. By being able to use visualised data, you’ll be able to understand your processes and customers in more detail which helps propel your business forward.

Digital Transformation will empower your business to implement a truly data-driven management thanks to the variety of tools for tracking metrics and analysing data. Using insights derived from this data allows your business to optimise its strategies and processes so that you can deliver even better results.


A secure and compliant environment

Cyber crime is becoming increasingly prevalent and organisations are storing more and more of their sensitive data online as time progresses, which is why you need a solution that is compliant with GDPR and an operational standard such as ISO 27001. Organisations need their data to be accessed from a centralised web portal which is hosted within The Cloud as well as the 99.9% up time and mirroring/backup that the best Cloud solutions providers can deliver.


What makes a successful Digital Business Transformation project?

A successful Digital Transformation project allows your business to be agile and needs commitment from the whole team. It’s essential that your organisation is in the right mindset from the outset and having clear messaging in terms of what you want to achieve before taking on a Digital Transformation journey is imperative.

Clear messaging and senior management commitment is imperative on these key points:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Internal Communication Programs
  • Clarification on project impacts
  • Alignment & Commitment
  • Scaling beyond the pilot phase
  • Clarity on time frames

How can mpro5 facilitate my business journey to Digital Transformation?

Business today is more competitive than ever, and by using mpro5 within your business, you’re using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile platform that is used widely and trusted in over 260,000 sites worldwide – including businesses across verticals such as retail, logistics, healthcare, facilities management and transportation to help streamline your business operations.

Our mobile workforce management platform is fully agile and tailored to your operational needs- this means we’ll work with you to build reactive and ad-hoc job workflows, field service dashboards, bespoke reports and alerts which are unique to your organisation.

mpro5 is an agile digital transformation solution and changes in procedures and reporting that you need are sent over-the-air and deployed within a matter of hours and days, not months, weeks or even years. Operational changes are all included in your monthly subscription with no further charges applied. A new mpro5 solution can be deployed within 30 days – enabling you to get started with your mpro5 as soon as possible.

As a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) mobile workforce management platform, full-service support is included, which means if there’s if there are any daily problems our Support team be straight onto your case, with a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Powerful Job Scheduling, Field Service Dashboards and more…

mpro5’s powerful job scheduling capacities are configurable to your specifications, jobs can be ad-hoc, recurring or reactive and can be deployed to either teams or individuals. The work tasks that are captured within the mpro5 platform builds up a digital log in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in order to provide trace and trackability of work that has been completed by your staff.

Your digital jobs and workflows are able to grow or change as dynamically as your business does. Jobs and workflows are also configured that users are guided down their path of questions based on their answers. They only answer what they need to and the whole process is more efficient.

You’ll also be able to visualise and interact with your business data and make decisions driven by intelligent data by using our KPI dashboards which are built into mpro5. You will be able to visualise trend patterns across your entire business.

As mpro5 is tailored to your requirements, intelligent scoring can be built into digital job workflows so that scores and pass/fail boundaries, (such as in employee temperature screening for COVID-19), can be viewed in real-time or instantly calculated on completion within our KPI dashboards. This includes being able to compare metrics across your organisation including productivity levels, scoring comparisons and vastly improved efficiency across your teams.


Save money on incumbent business systems…

By implementing mpro5 within your business, you’ll be able to eliminate your manual processes such as paperwork, spreadsheets and manual checks; replacing them with a dynamic mobile application which refines your operations while also saving you time and money; ultimately this is one of the greatest business benefits of Digital Transformation.

mpro5 is supplied on a fixed monthly subscription payment, meaning that your business has a better ability to budget for the financial year ahead, and is also easily downloadable from the Google Play Store, Windows Store and iOS App Store – eliminating the need for a complex rollout to your employees.

Your users can be set up within minutes with secure usernames and passwords that can follow your credential structures or, alternatively, be uniquely generated by us. Meanwhile, the mpro5 application can be configured to feature your company logo, your terminology, in your language within the mobile app and dashboards designed by our Power BI experts, as well as on all automatic reports that are sent to your management team. All users can be set up to only see the sites/flows/schedules/features that are relevant to their job roles, letting you personalise mpro5 to each team or job function.

With over 20 years’ experience in scaling Digital Transformation solutions, our mpro5 consultants are able to integrate with many other leading business systems, (including Single Sign On (SSO) accounting, ERP and other systems with ODBC structures can push and pull data to and from mpro5.

Choosing mpro5 is an easy way to show your stakeholders that you’re choosing Digital Transformation innovation within your business with a dynamic business mobile platform that your employees can download from the Google Play Store, Windows Store and iOS App Store easily on to their smartphone, tablet or even laptop.


Your business data, secured

Every year we are independently audited by the British Assessment Bureau for ISO 27001, meaning that our IT Security standards fall within international standard for data security, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to keeping your sensitive business data safe and secure. As well as being ISO 27001 certified, mpro5 is part of Crimson Tide, Microsoft Gold Partners of 20 years standing; meaning that our in-house development team are close to Microsoft strategies for mobile, data and cloud.

Our partnerships with O2 and Samsung mean that we’re able to provide managed business devices at scale, from smartphones, fingerprint scanners, IoT sensors and Bluetooth devices to tablets that can be secured for business use only.


Track your shifts, absences and much more…

mpro5’s Time & Attendance module enables tracking of your employees digitally and can send automatic reports to your Human Resources department. Time & Attendance helps save your management teams valuable time by unlocking efficiency by being able to prove your employees are at a particular place, while also monitoring the time they have spent there. What’s more you’ll also be able to manage your holiday time and shifts and be able to instantly see on our bespoke dashboards where your business needs other employees to cover the appropriate period of time.

When using a digital employee clock in and out system, there are four methods to choose to how your employees prove their attendance. Your employees can clock-in by using either a unique PIN number, NFC (Near Field Communications) or by using a biometric fingerprint or facial recognition technologies. However, if you have a multi-site organisation, there’s no need to pick a one-size-fits-all clock-in method, as we’re able to set up the most suitable solution for each of your sites.

The fingerprint and facial recognition data within Time & Attendance are stored within the Microsoft Azure cloud. The Microsoft Azure cloud has more compliance accreditation than any other Cloud Computing service provider and is the most secure Cloud platform on the planet. The fingerprint and facial recognition in Time & Attendance information is only partially recorded and looks for features of a person’s fingerprint or face, rather than storing an entire image.


Reactive job scheduling from IoT Sensors…

mpro5 with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can reactively schedule jobs and send automatic alerts as a result of sensor readings. Custom sensor rules enable you to set up one or many conditions against your Internet of Things devices, and when conditions are met, mpro5 will send a reactive job alert to the right person to complete a job workflow.

Your mpro5 application shows both live and historical in-app dashboard readings from your IoT sensors, enabling your management teams to learn about current and historical readings whilst on the go.

An IoT ecosystem consists of sensors/devices that “talk” to each other through the cloud via connectivity – such as a SIM card, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) or connection direct to the Internet via ethernet. Once the data gets to the cloud, the mpro5 software processes it and then, depending on the custom sensor rules that are set up, might decide to perform an action, such as sending an alert or automatically adjusting the sensors/devices without the need for the user.

mpro5 experts can source the most suitable IoT devices and sensors for your requirements, organise a site survey to scope for IoT sensors and installation, working with you to pick the best timescale for implementation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re able to use Machine Learning on our IoT sensor data to highlight anomalies and we’ll tell you if something is out of the ordinary.

In conclusion, mpro5 has the ability to save your business time, money and resources as well as digitising your processes, forms, reactive job scheduling and much more.

mpro5 is the most trusted mobile workforce management software, helping your business achieve seamless operations, while saving time and money.

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