30 Aug 2019

What are the benefits of 5G for business?


The world is on its way to being mobile-first, and well on its way to having 30 billion connected mobile devices and if you aren’t already aware, 5G is the fifth and newest generation of mobile communications technology. The 5G network promises faster speeds and better reliability than the previous 4G. The implementation of 5G across the UK promises to offer greater stability, give lower latency, the ability to connect many more devices at once, and move more data thanks to faster speeds than its predecessor. This is exciting news, maybe not Stormzy on a boat on the River Thames exciting, but nonetheless it is impressive. 


What are the benefits of 5G for business?

What does this mean for your business? Well, video streaming just got faster. Watching movies on the bus will no longer buffer all the way home. If you want to break out your inner geek, online gaming on the go becomes a real possibility thanks to the lower latency. Or maybe you are a music lover, your next festival may just be 5G enabled. 


Firstly, one of the benefits of 5G for business is that it will essentially allow your employees who work remotely or in the field to accomplish their jobs at a faster rate – even when they’re not connected to your business network. Ultimately, the 5G network takes advantage of higher-frequency bands in the radio spectrum that have a lot of capacity but much shorter wavelengths.


5G and IoT Sensors

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is radicalising the way that organisations of all sizes are contemplating data and connectivity. IoT devices generate tons of data that businesses want to interpret into making better business decisions and some many businesses are taking the steps to creating entire IoT ecosystems. One of the benefits of 5G for business is that, coupled with IoT, 5G enabled devices will be able to communicate with each other with such a quick response time that results can be seen instantly.


We at mpro5 are very excited about what 5G can do for business, as performing business tasks on the go will be easier than ever, which will greatly increase productivity. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to experience the changes in cities all over the UK. 


This is, however, only the very beginning of the 5G era. To connect to the new network, you need a speedy 5G enabled device of which there are currently very few available. Over the next 5 years, we expect to see 5G becoming more and more widely used and more compatible devices too.



Get the job done with mpro5 

One of the main benefits of 5G for business, such as mpro5, will run even faster with extra fast uploads and downloads – making your business processes even more efficient and productive. 


Within the mpro5 platform, you’ll be able to get your documents in “Resources” in a flash and be able to send off a workflow with several high-quality photos attached in seconds. We fully hope that 5G will be able to provide a reliable connection for remote workers too.


mpro5 is designed to be ‘offline first’ which means that if you don’t have any WiFi or cellular signal, that your completed jobs and flows will still be saved within mpro5 and be synced to the Cloud once you regain signal. Another of the benefits of 5G for business is that it will allow remote workers to have a more reliable connection in areas that have either no WiFi connectivity or currently have a poor 4G signal, ultimately helping them get jobs sent off quicker and sooner. 


In the meantime, we at mpro5 will be keeping businesses running as efficiently as possible. We will keep workers connected so they can complete their jobs on time and keep proving why we are #notjustanapp.  


If you are interested in the benefits of 5G for business and mpro5, get in touch with one of our mpro5 consultants by booking an online Demo to discuss your requirements.




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