30 Jun 2023

5 Reasons for Mobile-First Facilities Software


The facilities management market has never been tougher. With tighter budgets, increasing compliance complexity and greater expectations in service, you’re expected to do more with less. 

Thankfully, facilities management software has been designed to help you do just that. 

The right platform can ensure you stay on track with compliance and win new contracts through excellent service. 

Of course, you likely already have several software solutions in place, so why invest in mobile first technology?


What your CAFM can't do

Depending on your size, you may already have a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) System and an asset management system.

Mobile-First technology isn't designed to replace these, but to enhance their functions by putting the data in hands of your field teams.

We've broken this down into five reasons to get mobile first FM software, so read on to find out more.


Agile Job Management

Don’t waste time on data entry, or make mistakes because of a lack visibility: with a range of question types, automated corrective actions and data visualisation, you can ensure data integrity and avoid important issues slipping through the cracks. 

✅ Guide users through processes dynamically, ensuring best practice and compliance.
✅ Automatically raise corrective actions as jobs for other users.
✅ Get the job done and gather the right data at the same time. 


Schedule your jobs (5)

Real-time Data Capture

Leveraging your data starts with efficient and effective data capture.

mpro5 makes it easy to capture data on jobs, audits and incidents using smart workflows that can be configured to ask any number of questions, from multiple choice to photo and video.

This cuts out the tedious and expensive manual data entry required to process paper forms, and it makes all information immediately visible.

We can also drive fast action on any issues by automatically assigning teams corrective actions if the app identifies a problem.


Description Floor Sweeper Serial No DEMOFS12345 Manufacturer Wetrock Barcode 72399 (3)

Mobile Asset Management

You likely already have an asset management system - but how accessible is this data?

Our mobile app puts critical asset data in your hands: 

✅ Attach assets to jobs for faster completion.
✅ Update your asset register quickly using the app.
✅ Locate assets using GPS.
✅ Manage asset maintenance easily with workflows.
✅ Reduce cost of repairs and ensure asset availability.
✅ Don't waste time looking for key assets and cut out those expensive asset surveys.


Smart Compliance Management

Regardless of the sector you work in, compliance matters.

But fulfilling these obligations can become burdensome if the data is only captured on paper, which has low data integrity and no immediate visibility.

mpro5 makes compliance everyone's concern by simply adding checks to every job and workflow.

This makes data capture and processing instant - so you can monitor your compliance in real-time.

A dashboard like the one displayed here can be drilled into for more detail, or to compare different metrics by location.

NHS-50-point-check-dashboard (1)

No paperwork
Boost your efficiency and cut costs by removing manual data entry, reducing paper use and saving time on manual reporting.


Automated Alerts

Ensures you can deal with issues quickly and nothing gets forgotten. These are triggered whenever a fault is reported.


Reduce your risk
Cut insurable risk with watertight compliance processes, increased data integrity and a full audit trail for easy investigation.


Find pain points
Make compliance data work for you with data visualisation that makes it easy to identify where you're going wrong.


Reporting and Analytics

mpro5's reporting and analytics provide you with real-time data on key metrics such as asset utilisation, maintenance costs and compliance levels.

Crucially, automated reporting means you can focus on analysing the data and delivering high-quality services.

We can generate internal and external reports from the same data instantly, and dashboards can also be used to win new clients.

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