Our phased implementation approach deploys your tailor-made, configured solution in record time.

You shouldn’t wait years for an effective solution — so we don’t make you


It can take years to deploy a typical digitalisation solution, and then years again to refine it or add new features — running the risk of implementing solutions in your business that are perpetually out of date. 

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Our team will configure and deploy your personalised mpro5 platform and app within 30 days. Then, with the foundations in place and your team up and running on the new system, we’ll iterate, refine and expand to ensure everything is working optimally. 

And that’s just the beginning. As part of your monthly subscription, we offer ongoing iterations, enhancement, support and expansion to other areas and processes — with some changes happening in as little as one day.

With mpro5, speed doesn’t cost you quality

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Seamless integrations

Deploying mpro5 won’t interrupt operations — we integrate with sector-specialist software, Single Sign On systems and IoT sensors to create a unified platform without downtime.

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Rapid implementation

We’re agile and iterative — you’ll have a scalable, personalised solution running within 30 days, which we’ll refine and fully deploy within 90 days.

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Configurable solutions and services

Your business is unique, so our solution is too — rapid deployment doesn’t come at the cost of personalised service.

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Your business needs change as you scale and grow, so we’ve built mpro5 to be adaptable, scalable and iterative to support you every step of the way.

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No capital outlay

We offer mpro5 via an affordable subscription model that demands no capital outlay. You’ll start reaping the benefits, without significant financial risk.

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We’re business partners not product-pushers

We’ll roll up our sleeves to understand your business and key challenges, before devising personalised solutions that follow industry and sector best practices.

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Proprietary solution and service

As an mpro5 client, you won’t be palmed off on third-party service providers — we develop and service our own software, with an in-house support team.

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Post sales support and service

We offer comprehensive customer support, including a dedicated support team and an always-on self-service portal. 



We’ve crafted our client onboarding process on the same foundations as our platform — quality, configurability and efficiency. 


As a new mpro5 client, your onboarding journey may look like this: 

Sales Handover

The sales team shares your file with your new, dedicated project team. This contains your contract and project document — everything they need to successfully deliver to your goals.


Kick-off Call

We’ll arrange a kick-off call where you’ll meet your project team and discuss ways of working. After this, and every subsequent meeting, you’ll receive a contact report.



We transform the project document into an actionable project plan, which is then shared with you. 

Phase 1 Implementation

We’ll configure your mpro5 system and roll out pilot testing —  where you gain access to the platform and we begin testing, and refining, the system in real time.

Phase 2 Implementation

Based on phase 1, we’ll refine your mpro5 system to improve efficiency, extend roll-out beyond the pilot and iterate to configure the platform to your needs.

System Documentation and Handover

We draw up, and then hand over, the training documentation you need to take full advantage of mpro5. This includes a flow diagram of the workflows, with a data dictionary and entity relationship diagram.


Sign off

Once you’re happy with the initial build, we sign-off on the project and onboarding is complete.


Ongoing service and support
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We’re your long-term service partner, not a one hit wonder

Your business will change and grow. What you need from your digitalisation software will change with it. It’s our mission to ensure mpro5 offers relevant, optimised support at every stage of your journey.
That’s why we don’t offer a one-off sales experience. With an affordable subscription that demands no capital outlay, you’ll gain a trusted digitalisation partner. After we deploy a personalised solution within 90 days, we actively maintain the system to ensure you enjoy continuous improvement that matches your changing landscape and business needs. 
We back this up with customer support, including a 24/7 self-service portal and dedicated team. This ensures you find speedy resolutions to any challenges you may have with the mpro5 website or app.

Why we love agile implementation


We believe that working in phases delivers a better quality product, faster. Our agile approach to implementing mpro5 in your business offers 5 key benefits, compared to the traditional waterfall approach.

Rapid_implementation_and_ROI Rapid_implementation_and_ROI_hover
Rapid ROI

Your initial mpro5 iteration is live within 30 days, delivering near-immediate returns.

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Responsive planning

We highlight areas for improvements, and we can make them!

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Increased flexibility

Our ability to iterate on the the first iteration ultimately improves the resilience of your system.

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Lower risk

No capital outlay, increased flexibility and responsive planning all contribute to lower risk.

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Better control

With agile, you enjoy improved visibility across project development and rollout.




mpro5 covered more ground in six weeks than our old system did in three years. This was the first step in realising my vision of the Estates Department at CWPT. The opportunities are endless, you just need the education and the appetite to want to see the change.

- Sat Padda, Senior Compliance manager


Mpro5 have been a genuine breath of fresh air to work with. The team collaborate well with the business and took the time to understand how the business worked to better tailor their support.

- Tom Devoil, Product Manager

Northern Trains

mpro5 delivers effortless compliance with our SQ (Service Quality) Regime with backup, service and support that never lets us down. Through Covid, changes in routines and schedules and even staffing challenges, mpro5 are always there on the end of the phone to help us through.

- Laura McLaughlin, Service Quality Manager

Compass Group

mpro5 have stepped up as a key partner for this journey. The mpro5 platform has enabled our innovation team to carefully design digital workflows in a way that matches preferred ways of working, as defined by our operational co-workers. The team also went out of their way to meet our demands in terms of data availability, which has allowed us to shape the insight.

- Jonathan Hentze, Head of Innovation & Digital Development

Chartwells UK

The support available from the CE team and the Support team at mpro5 is superb, this is one of the main selling points for me as they are always available to help and extremely friendly. The software itself is extremely flexible, when we first started using mpro5 it was in a small capacity, over the years we've grown the usage and now have somewhat complex functions and audits being used - This has caused no issues and I feel there are never any requests that are unachievable!

- Graeme Smith, Data and MI Lead


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