Proof of Delivery and Presence Platform

A lot of trust is placed in field workers to be where they are when they say they are. Factors outside of their control, such as heavy traffic, can impact productivity and there are always safety concerns surrounding employees operating alone. Additionally, there is cumbersome compliance documentation that can often only be completed once employees return to the office. These are just some of the difficulties presented to both managers and those on the ground. 

mpro5’s agile technology removes these pain points, increasing productivity and providing management teams with complete visualisations of where their team are and when.  Some of the industries that use our proof of presence software include the security, accommodation, transport sectors and more. Whereas companies operating within the logistics, food and beverage, retail, and similar sectors reap the multiple benefits of our proof of delivery software.

Features of mpro5’s PoP and PoD Software

Live Reporting on Job Status

GPS for Easier Navigation

Digitised Compliance Checklists

Why choose mpro5 for your Proof of Delivery Software?

At mpro5, we understand that every business is different, which is why we don’t believe in off-the-shelf technology. Instead, we work closely with all of our clients, taking the time to gain a deep understanding of current processes, pain points and more so that we can design a platform that truly makes a difference.


Whether you want to implement before and after photo functionality or in-app signatures to confirm that every package is safely delivered to your customers or require GPS timestamps to evidence that your security team completed routine checks throughout their shift, our team will configure your web portal and app so that it:

  • Operates around your processes.
  • Is easy to access and utilise.
  • Makes a difference to the daily working lives of your entire workforce.

On request, we can also incorporate power BI dashboards so that you have continuous access to the latest visual reports at the push of the button. Not only does this provide insights that can help drive strategic decisions, but it also frees up your management team to focus on other tasks.


Finally, any current paper-based documentation can be digitised, meaning all checklists and compliance can be completed out in the field, reducing the chances of accidental omissions or misreporting.

Implementing your Proof of Presence System

The best way for you to understand the far-reaching benefits of mpro5’s proof of delivery and proof of presence software is to see it first-hand. We have helped businesses from various sectors gain an operational advantage by implementing our mpro5 web platform and app. 

During your initial demonstration, we will take you through all of the PoP and PoD functions and features available. This way, you can ascertain what will improve your processes and what won’t and we can configure an agile platform free of redundant functionality. You’re more than welcome to ask any questions; you may even want to discuss additional pain points to see if any of our other solutions should be configured for your technology. 

Should you choose to invest in mpro5, our team will begin configuring your proof of presence or proof of delivery software straight away, delivering key functionality within 30 days. We will stay in touch as you get to grips with your web portal and app, continuing to make suggestions and implementing optimisations to improve your technology further. 

From here, you can rely on our subscription service: our support team will be on hand to resolve any problems you come across or to update your platform with any new features and functions you may require as your business evolves.

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