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Our Catering and Compliance Software clients include:

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mpro5 is a digital transformation solution that improves operational effectiveness, ensures process compliance, and drives productivity gains and cost-savings.


The mobile app collects data and evidences your team's work for increased productivity, both through scheduled and planned work and reactive jobs. Combined with data from IoT sensors, you can deploy your resources where they are needed the most.


Automated alerts, reporting and dynamic dashboards provide real-time data, insights and management information, ensuring remedial actions are taken before issues develop into serious problems. 

Featured Case Study: Chartwells

The right food every time

For food service company Chartwells, the Daily Food Quality Audit ensures that they meet customer expectations safely, consistently and to the same high standard every time.

Getting this wrong could have serious consequences for the health of their customers, as well as reputational, legal and financial repercussions. We worked with Chartwells to develop an audit solution that is reliable and makes best practice easy to follow. Staff use their mpro5 app to carry out Daily Food Quality Audits at individual units.

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