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The completion of paper based logbooks is an expensive, people intense process that is difficult to manage, open to misinterpretation and full of easy to ignore processes. If you want to improve productivity, generate cost savings and mitigate business risk, a smart, digitised logbooks solution that provides enhanced, agile, constantly monitored processes and enables you to demonstrate continuous compliance, with your safe & legal regime is the answer.
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mpro5 digitally transforms safe & legal logbook processes via a smart digital solution, which delivers improved operational effectiveness, ensures process compliance and drives productivity gains and cost-savings for retail businesses.

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Featured Case Study: Tesco

From paper to platform

Our client’s logbooks were paper based prior to using mpro5. This data was siloed into more than 160 paper logbooks across the company, making it difficult to navigate and impossible to visualise. Prompt and timely follow-up actions were difficult to implement and even harder to track.

For the past 10 years we have worked with one of Britain’s biggest retailers to develop a specifically tailored mpro5 platform. The client now has fully digitised logbooks, an enhanced operational process and can evidence compliance quickly and effectively.

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