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Our Catering and Compliance Software clients include:

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mpro5 is a digital transformation solution that improves operational effectiveness, ensures process compliance, and drives productivity gains and cost-savings.


The mobile app collects data and evidences your team's work for increased productivity, both through scheduled and planned work and reactive jobs. Combined with data from IoT sensors, you can deploy your resources where they are needed the most.


Automated alerts, reporting and dynamic dashboards provide real-time data, insights and management information, ensuring remedial actions are taken before issues develop into serious problems. 

Featured Case Study: Tesco

From paper to platform

Our client’s logbooks were paper based prior to using mpro5. This meant that the veracity of the data was questionable and this data was siloed into more than 160 paper logbooks across the company, making it difficult to navigate and impossible to visualise. It was no exaggeration to say that our client had limited visibility of their compliance data. Prompt and timely follow-up actions were difficult to implement and even harder to track.

For the past 10 years we have worked with one of Britain’s biggest retailers to develop a specifically tailored mpro5 platform. The client now has fully digitised logbooks, an enhanced operational process and can evidence compliance quickly and effectively.

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