Using the Import Function

Please follow this guide to use the Import Function. This can be used to import Assets, Customers, Forms, Jobs and Sites.

The import function allows you to add new Assets, Customers, Jobs, Forms and Sites, via an CSV file.

You can export an import template using the website to help bulk create your required data.

  1. Select the three lines icon (next to the Mpro5 logo).
  2. Click the Import tile.
  3. Use the “Select Data to Import” drop down menu to select the kind of data you want to import.
  4. Click the button Export to Excel underneath the preview button.
  5. Enter the correct details into each of the corresponding columns (providing you have the data).
  6. Save the excel file your documents folder.
  7. Navigate back to the website and repeat steps 1,2,3 and 4.
  8. Click the Select Files button.
  9. Find and select the Excel file in your documents folder.
  10. Click the preview button.
  11. This will take you to a validation page which will either give you either a success notification or error notification. This is part of the validation process of the import function.

There are columns which may not apply to you when using the import function.
These columns can remain blank but the headings need to remain.


If you are met with the error notification, this will mean you will need to revisit the data you have entered in the CSV file. Check for double spaces and missing or additional characters as these are often the source of the issue.

Once reviewed and amended, try re-importing the file again.