Quotes Overview

The Quotes module allows web users to create quotes against customers and sites.

Quotes can be emailed to non-mpro5 users and accepted or rejected as required. Quotes are also visible to customers via the customer portal. Each quote is assigned a quote status and quote type and these are outlined in their own guides separately.

Basic quote process

The basic Quote process is as follows:

  1. A web user creates a quote.
  2. A web user adds Quote Lines for each item being quoted for.
  3. A web user emails the Quote to their contact.
  4. A contact receives the email and clicks on a link embedded within the email that allows them to accept or reject the quote,
  5. The Quote can then be converted to a Job or Invoice.

Opening the Quotes page

  1. Open the side menu or search for it using the search tile.
  2. Once the option is there, select it to open the Quotes page.


Fields Overview

The below table details the fields available and their purpose

Field Name Data Type

Quote Number

Unique number identifying the quote

Order Number

Generally used for the PO number provided by the Customer


An overview of the quote itself e.g. "Quote for window cleaning"


The associated mpro5 Customer


The associated mpro5 Site

Quote Type

The associated Quote Type


The associated Quote Status 

Company Name

The name of the Company for the Quote

Contact Name

The name of the Contact for the Quote

Address 1

Free text field

Address 2

Free text field

Address 3

Free text field

Post Code

Free text field

Contact Email

The email address of the Contact related to the Quote

Contact Tel

The telephone number of the Contact related to the Quote

Internal Notes

Internal Notes related to the Quote

External Notes

External Notes related to the Quote

Searching & viewing a Quote

When you first open the Quote page, the search side bar will automatically open up. you can close it by selecting off the search side bar and to re-open the search side bar, select the magnifying glass in the top right of the results grid.

Editing a Quote

You can edit a Quote by selecting the "Edit" option on the Quote row.

Creating a Quote

Creating a Job or an Invoice from a Quote