I haven’t received my Flow completion Report

If you haven’t received your Flow completion Report, it is most likely due to a connection issue.

Follow the steps below to fix this:

  1. Check you have a good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, preferably Wi-Fi as it usually has better bandwidth.
  2. Log out of and back into mpro5.
  3. Stay on the homepage of the mpro5 app for approximately 10 minutes. Keep mpro5 open in the forefront of other apps and ensure the device doesn't go into standby or idle mode.
  4. Ensure you have access to the mailbox that the report should be sent to.
  5. The email will come from a mailbox called noreply@mobileprofessional.com.

Check that the email hasn't landed in your spam/junk folder.

Check that your email address is configured correctly with mpro5, you can ask your mpro5 admin to look into this for you.