How to use the Site Schedule Feature

You may need to use the Site Schedule feature which is just a view of scheduled patrol jobs.

Please follow the below to use this feature.

  1. Log into your mpro5 website.
  2. Select the three stacked lines next the Navigation Hub.
  3. Select the Jobs tile.
  4. Select the site schedule tile.

You will be presented with the below filters.

Select the filter's you require and select Search.


This will provide a schedule of jobs missed and completed throughout the day and organised by their location on each row. It will also show you the mobile app user that completed or missed the jobs in the column headers.

There also a Forms grid which will show any completed forms. As well as a All user activity grid which will show the user, notes and time performed data.

Example below:


This will only be available to access if you have the appropriate web permissions assigned to your web account.